About Us | Country Tales

Our mission statement:

Connecting authors and book lovers through a reliable platform that serves as a springboard for debut authors and a knowledge hub for avid readers.


Country Tales is a platform dedicated to African literature. Over the last few years, we've noticed a steep decline in the popularity of African tales. They are no longer common like they used to. They’ve lost their place on the global scale.

Upon thorough research, we discovered the stumbling blocks behind this paradigm shift to be the unavailability of African literature online and the inaccessibility of African literature, even if they were available online. We also noticed a growing trend among debut African authors who are deprived of a platform to showcase their works; as a result, they litter their writings on internet forums, social medias, and even in the comment sections of websites that commands great traffic.

This discovery gave birth to Country Tales, a trusted platform where African literature can be published online and read by all for free, giving debut authors the needed exposure they seriously yearn for.

Our vision statement:

To become a global brand for African literature of all genre.


In this century where reading is prevalent online, we've made it our responsibility to ensure that African contents are readily available online too. We believe that African literature deserve much more readership.

Beside making African literature available online, we cooperate well with the authors who work with us by making sure they benefit from their writings. Here at CouTales, we appreciate creative writing and it's essence, that is why we compensate our authors by promoting them and their works, making sure that they get the needed support and exposure they fully deserve.