Friendship begins here | Country Tales

Friendship begins here


Country Tales commenced operations on Monday, 15th of January 2018, at exactly 00:00 GMT, with the core mandate of providing a reliable platform for new African writers who are deprived of an avenue to showcase themselves and their works to a large audience of avid readers. With you, we are set to ensuring that this vision comes to fruition.

The start of a new friendship.

We are glad at your response so far and we will like to extend our profound gratitude, even as we get to know each other better. This is the start of a new friendship that will span for generations to come. We cannot thank you enough for your contributions and presence on our website and social media page so far. We really appreciate. Together, we are one big family called Country Tales.

Let’s do this together!

Country Tales is a dream birthed from the inspiration of helping debut African writers gain traction as well as earn a decent amount of royalty from their literature. More importantly, we seek to revive the spirit of African story telling which seems to be on the decline over the last couple of years. Your participation is key to ensuring that this dream becomes a reality. Get involved!