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I. David Olusanya Jola lost her parents, and she was about to lose her life too. The palace guards were after her and she did all she could to be out of their view. She found a good place to hide, and to an extent, she felt safe. However, the search team's torches were shining her way, and worse still, the blazing eyes of one of the dogs locked with hers.

Our favourite

I. David Olusanya A man received an urgent email from his friend who had died two years ago. He thought someone was pulling a prank on him, but the message was coded in a language that only he and his late friend could understand.

My father's corn field

Oluoma Udemezue

God of Thunder

I. David Olusanya

Razor Cut

Oluoma Udemezue A beautiful wife and four amazing children couldn't help translate Segun's marriage into a healthy one, especially when he spent less time with his family. At the peak of his marriage to Laide, he was diagnosed with cancer. With his days numbered, he vowed to rebuild his family in unity before he goes to his maker.

A house on a hill

Oluoma Udemezue

Husband thief

Uwaehile Timothy Bisola discovered the serial husband snatcher who had left deep cracks in her marriage. It was time to teach her a lesson she would never forget! She confronts her, only to find out that it was her best friend of old.

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