Ocean drive
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Ocean drive

By obi   11th Jun 2018
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She wasn’t her usual self ;
The news she had just received hit her worse than a tsunami.
How can this be, everything she planned all gone. 
Four years of struggles vanished into thin air.
He didn’t even blink an eye;
He told her without any sign of pain, no remorse,
I cannot marry you any more, it just can’t work.
How can’t it work, why can’t it work?
All her sacrifice, 
Why me? She asked no one in particular.
She was too confused to think. 
Before the cock crow,
Her lifeless body lay beside her bed.
Ocean drive, ocean drive, 
Before dawn arrives, our souls will sing songs we never learnt. 

Dominic’s life story was showing in front of him,
All he worked so hard to achieve all going down the drain and so without any fight. 
He always wanted to make it by crook or hook,
Now he couldn’t do a thing, 
He was walking into oblivion eyes opened,
Looking at the beautiful apartment he once owned,
He smiled at himself.
There is nothing left to fight for. 
At the middle of the day, during the most busy hour of life,
Dominic left his car and did what his head was saying;
He jumped over the third mainland bridge into happiness, to a life where he need not suffer. 
Ocean drive, ocean drive, 
Even when the tide goes down, the tale of what happened never stops being told.

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Country Talesposted on 15th Jun 2018 07:41:30

@Olumide... Thanks for your sincere comment. The author will be glad to read it.

olumideposted on 14th Jun 2018 13:42:21

Nice write up