Shattered love Prologue
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Shattered love Prologue

By Ola Olowo   11th Jun 2018
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Love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one leaves, it hurts the other. Love is like two people holding a rubber band; we pull, but when one person let go, the other person holding on gets hurt.

When the people we love or with whom we have deep connections stop caring, stop paying attention, stop investing and fighting for the relationship, trust begins to slip away, and hurt starts seeping in. Disengagement triggers shame and your greatest fears; the fears of being abandoned, unworthy and unlovable.

Are you the type who believes in love that begins from childhood? Do you believe love conquers it all? Are you of the notion that love has no obstacles? Maybe, you need to think twice before jumping into the large pool of love where passion, feelings, and ecstasy all lives in peace and harmony.

Have you ever been so affected by someone else’ pain and heartbreak? Have you ever heard of someone else’ love story and you got scared of ever loving? Well, take a sit and learn from this short piece of mine. This is a true life story about ‘childhood love’ which grew so big like the biggest of rivers, but dried up abruptly, just like the rain.

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Shattered love

Table of Contents

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