Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 4
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 4

By abfictionstories   5th Jul 2018
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As a normal lady with heightened feelings, my defenses were growing weaker, and so did my strength. I struggled to cope with my feelings. He was in absolute control and when he touched my nose with his, I went completely overboard. I kept my eyes tight-shut and waited for it; I waited for our lips to meet... but then, he backed off and let me go.

“Go home, Bukky!”

He left me speechless in the office. I wasn't just hurt, I felt foolish, I felt cheap. This wasn't the David I knew, he has changed. I could no longer read him, and I could clearly tell that he had decided to keep me under mental torture. Well, if that's what he wants, I will give it him! I was surely gonna hit him back in whatever way possible, but first of all, let me deal with Vodka.

I stumbled on her at the canteen ordering for lunch, so I sat patiently till she was through and had a seat for herself. I marched towards her and before she could say anything, I drew the chair from beneath her, leaving her with her ass on the floor. The glass of juice she had bought splashed on her, a little on me unfortunately.

“Ouch! Why not call David?!”

I suggested, when I noticed her mouth was opened but nothing came out.

I went straight to my room to prepare for the next competition. I would have Jeremy take the couple portrait with me, of course there is no way he can refuse me. But first, I need to see madam Clara.

She had been discharged from the hospital and was safe in her flat; the fashion house was indeed a castle. On getting there, I heard a thud. It wasn't my flat so I knocked for a while. When no one answered, I pushed the door open gently.

“Madam Clara?”

No one answered. My heart missed a couple of beats. I was certain I heard something fall. God please...

I went to her room and I took notice of the comb she had used earlier on her hair – it had lots of hair in it – it seems her hair had began to pull out. I was extremely scared. I heard the shower in her bathroom gushing out with intense velocity. I hurried up there only to find madam Clara unconscious on the bare tiles, with blood dripping from her nose.


I expressed my shock. What do I do? I was totally confused. I dashed towards her immediately. I stopped abruptly… I need to cover her up first. I ran to her room to get some cloth, and then I phoned Jeremy. He appeared within minutes and we rushed her to the hospital.

David appeared minutes later with Joanne – the fly – tailing him from behind as usual. He came to where I sat, Jeremy had rushed to see the doctor in his office.

“Where is Jeremy?” He asked.

Oh! So he could actually talk to me? I completely left him hanging with no response coming out of my mouth.

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