Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 10
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 10

By abfictionstories   2nd Aug 2018
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He backed away slowly, and surprisingly left. It would have been so much better if he had shouted, bicker, or at least say something.

“Don't touch me please. Just go.”

I couldn't believe I said that to David; it was all his fault that we got caught. I earlier warned him that someone might see us, but he wouldn’t listen. He left without saying a word too.

I stood there for a while, brooding over the thoughts that flashed through my head. Was I too hash on David? Why did Jeremy walk away without saying anything? What was he thinking? Will he tell Madam Clara or Joanne?

You can imagine the struggle I went through. I was not at peace with myself. I made a quick decision to stay with Madam Clara and avoid both of them. I packed my stuffs and headed towards Madam Clara’s flat, only for me to meet Joanne on my way out. When I saw her approaching, my heart felt like jumping out and running for its dear life. Has Jeremy told her already?

A sudden rush of guilt filled me up. I had been smooching another woman's property.

“Hi Bukky!”

She hurried up to give me a hug. I couldn't hug her back because my hands were full with my bags I carried.

“Hi… hi!”

I replied nervously, while trying to figure out if she was just acting or unaware of the recent happenings.

“Where have you been? I have been searching all over for you?”

I was trying really hard to control my stupid emotions that were trying so hard to betray me.

“I have been around.”

She hugged me again.

“Aw! Which kind of sudden friendship is this?” I thought to myself, while forging a good smile.

“I need your help with this guy who has been disturbing me for days now.” She said, “I don't want David to find out.”

I couldn't bear another moment standing beside her. The guilt I felt was so consuming. I just gave a flaunting excuse and promised to see her later to have the ladies gist.

I got to Madam Clara's flat and got a room for myself, before I went to her room. She didn't look like she was breathing.


She opened her eyes. Oh, what a relief!


God! Jeremy. He came from behind me. I froze immediately.


I tried hard to ensure that Madam Clara wouldn't sense something was up. He took me aside.

“It's OK dear. David explained everything?”

Huh! David?

“What did he say?”

I had to ask.

“Well, he said you were both drunk and there is no way he would leave Joanne for you. Did he tell you they are getting married next month?”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. My heart was ripped into two. David has broken me.

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