Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 13
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 13

By abfictionstories   3rd Aug 2018
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"Oh Dave!"

Jeremy called out and attempted to meet him but I held him back.

"Jeremy, we are not through yet."

I pointed out and signaled at the photographer to continue. Oh yes! He burned in jealousy. I could clearly see that in his eyes; but who cares?

I stayed awake all night trying to make my portrait. I couldn't help but remember the look on David's face. I laughed. He hasn’t even seen anything yet. After I was done with my portrait design, I was wise enough to take it along with me; Vodka can’t be trusted. I made two portraits just in case...


It was David. I really expected this.


I called his name too; seems fair.

"Nice portrait," he commented, although I knew he wasn't pleased with it.


I attempted to gently walk away since he wasn’t saying anything else. He drew me back and snatched the portrait. What is even wrong with this guy?

"Give it back!" I demanded. I was burning up now.

"So you kissed Jeremy?"

"Yes, you got a problem with that?!"

He took a step towards me; his eyes didn’t speak friendly at all.

"Jeremy is my brother."

You can imagine the guts. I folded my hands to look at him; a sudden rush of hate filled me up.

"And so? What is wrong with you David? What do you take me for?"

He attempted to say something.

“No! David, you had your chance and you blew it. I don't want to ever see your face again.”

“Give it back!” I snatched the portrait from him and tried to walk away.

Bukky, please listen to me.”

He held me back again. Oh my God!

"Let me go!!"

Jeremy spotted us.


He dashed towards us and without hesitating, he landed his fist on David and pushed him away from me. Gosh! I didn’t expect that.

"Don't you ever get close to her again!"

Jeremy warned. I could see rage in his eyes. David went overboard; he got up and pushed him to the ground as well.

"She is not your property!" He shouted back.

Lord of Mercy... what do I do? I rushed towards Jeremy but he was quick to get up and bounced back on David. I couldn't stop them as they raged at each other.

Who do I call, David or Jeremy?


I shouted on top of my voice and maneuvered myself to the middle. They were both injured. What have I done?

"Bukky, tell Jeremy that you’ll never stop loving me, that we both love each other!"

David requested breathlessly.

"David, there is no us. Remember?”

Maybe I need to remind him.

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