Wrong number Ep. 9
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Wrong number Ep. 9

By Toyin Rachael   3rd Aug 2018
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Next weekend came and he didn't show up. I cried uncontrollably till I was exhausted. I felt so worse because I got my hopes up, thinking he would come and apologise for what he had done, and even start things afresh. For him not showing up shattered my hopes. He didn't even have the courtesy to apologise for not coming.

Some weeks later, I had an interview to attend so I took permission from the school principal. On my way back from the interview, I ran into one of our friends; we graduated from the same university. We chatted for a while and he congratulated me on Tunde's new job in an oil company.

I was shocked to the bone, but I quickly put myself together. I smiled and thanked him.

“I heard he now lives in Banana Island. I'm happy for you guys. We are waiting for your wedding invitation o.” He said gleefully.

“Thank you very much. Sure, we'll invite you for the wedding once we fix a date,” I said with a fake smile.

The guy left and I was yet to recover from the shock. Tunde now works in an oil company and I knew nothing about it?!


I took the BRT bus and went straight home. I knew I was useless for that day; even if I returned to school, I won't be able to concentrate. I called one of the staff and told her I won't be coming back to school that very day.

On Saturday, I went to Tunde's old house to see his neighbour; I was very sure he knew his whereabouts. Luckily for me, I met him at home. I told him what I found out about Tunde's new job and house.

He told me he doesn't know where he stays. I begged him in tears to tell me because I'm very sure Tunde didn't move out without telling him.

He was moved by my tears; I could see it in his eyes. He picked a pen and paper and wrote down the address and handed it over to me.

“Please, he must not know that I gave you the address.”

“I promise. I won't tell him.” I assured him.

Pamilerin! He called out as I was about to leave.”

“Yes!” I answered.


“I think you deserve better.”

I didn't understand what he meant by that statement, but I thanked him and left. I didn't have enough money on me to take me to and fro his new place, so I stopped by a bank and withdrew some money from the ATM.

I was able to locate the house, but I found it hard to believe that my boyfriend now lives in luxury.

I knocked on the gate and the gateman opened the door. After series of questions, he decided to call his oga using the intercom. He told me his boss wasn't around. I couldn't believe my ears. I begged him to let me in but he refused.

I brought out my phone from my hand bag and called Tunde severally but he refused to answer my call. Then I sent him a message;

“Please let me in, if not for anything, but for old times sake.” I pleaded

I stood in front of the gate, waiting for his reply.

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