Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 15
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 15

By abfictionstories  Posted on 8th Aug 2018

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Vodka stood up to face me with those scary smiles of hers. Oh God, she hit me so hard; she didn’t even realise what she had done.

“Vodka, if you would excuse me.”

She made a gesture at me, pecked Madam Clara, before following me out.

“Vodka, you have no idea of what you’ve done. You are so ignorant. How could you...?”

She didn't even let me finish;

Bukky, just accept the fact that you're out of the competition.”


No, she didn't just say that.

“Yeah! Madam Clara said that herself, judging from the fact that Jeremy has been hospitalised because he fought with his older brother over you.”

“What?! Hospitalised?”

What is this girl talking about? I pondered over what she just said: “I’m out of the competition; Jeremy is hospitalised.”

How? How could she? Didn’t she know that Madam Clara was seriously sick?


I didn't need to hear more. I landed a heavy slap on her face and her wig fell off immediately. She staggered back and almost fell.

“If anything happens to Madam Clara, I will hunt you forever. You bastard!”

She charged back at me, but my saviour showed up on time – Jeremy. David came next. I left them both with her when I explained what she had done. If they tear her up, that wouldn’t be my headache.

"Mum! Madam Clara!"

She lay on the floor breathlessly. Oh my God! I meant to call Jeremy but David was the first to cross my mind.


They both rushed in.

"Mum! Mum!!"

They dashed towards her.

"No, no, no!!!"

David lamented in pain. Jeremy picked her up and turned towards me;

"Get me my car keys, quickly."

Vodka was still outside, trying to peep and see what was going on. Unfortunately, David charged at her and grabbed her by the neck. He held her against the wall with some muscular force. His eyes were filled with rage.

"If anything happens to my mother, you are dead. You hear me? Dead!!"

At this rate he could kill this girl. I stepped in on time to intervene.

"David, David! Let her go. We have to go to the hospital now."

I held his hand. He let her go as soon as my hands touched his.

Vodka coughed repeatedly and gasped for air. I could see fear in her eyes. I think she now realised the gravity of what she had done.

I didn't know who to be with; they were both restless, but it had to be Jeremy since David was out of reach. He stared at me as I comforted Jeremy.

I felt the longing for his soul. I felt like running to him, but all I could do was steal glances and pray so hard that Madam Clara didn’t really say that I was out of the competition; that would break me apart. That would be the end of my career.

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