Wrong number Ep. 11
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Wrong number Ep. 11

By Toyin Rachael   8th Aug 2018
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He called on Saturday morning and asked if I was at home. Of course I was at home; it's a Saturday. Some hours later, he showed up at my place.

He apologised for not calling or paying me a visit. He talked about the good times we shared together; he talked about me having a lovely family and a good heart, and all that. And at the end of the whole epistles, he said and I quote;

Pamilerin, I think we need a break.”

“A break?!" I asked. "You think I'm blind, stupid and gullible, don't you? Tunde, you and I know we don't need a break. You don't need to fool me; I wasn't born yesterday."

I added, "You know exactly what we need and please don't make me say it on your behalf, because I won't forgive you if you make me say it."

Pamilerin! I love you, but I don't feel the vibe anymore. Love is not enough, you know!" He said, pleading.

“Please cut to the chase and spare me the lectures,” I said sternly.

“Ehm... actually, things are no longer working out between us. What I really mean to say is that, we should put an end to this relationship," he said.

I already knew this relationship was over; I just wanted him to say whatever he had to say and leave me for good. I was simply too tired.

“Fine! This relationship has ended days before now; all these are just formalities. I wish you all the best.”

He was shocked at my words; it was written all over his face. I'm sure he didn't expect that from me. He thought I would cry or beg him not to leave. I've cried my eyes dried before now and I already let go ever since.


He apologised for not coming out straight in the first place, and with that, we ended our conversation. In the evening, I went to my parent's bedroom and explained everything to them.

Pamilerin, so you two have been having issues all this while and you never mentioned it?" My mum asked, sounding worried.

“Mummy, I was trying to give him time. I thought things will get back to normal.”

“So where did he expect you to start from now, ehn?!” she lamented

“Eh! Woman, what will your lamentation solve? You should even thank God that we discovered his true identity earlier,” My daddy said firmly.

“I thank God ooo; broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. Who would have thought that boy would change for the worse?” My mom said, putting her two palms together.

“Daniella!" My daddy called out as he fondly calls me.

“Sir!” I answered.

“Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. If one door closes, another will open. So please try as much as possible to move on with your life.”

“Yes sir! Thank you, sir.”

Jo oko mi ma ronu o (my daughter, please don't brood over it). This is just a sign that Tunde is not yours. Please be strong, ehn!" Mummy added.

Mo ti gbo ma (I've heard you, ma)." I replied.

I knelt down and thanked them.

“Good night, sir/ma.”

“Good night!” they chorused.

I was told my siblings were still in the sitting room; I broke the news to them too. There's no point calling any friend; they'll find out sooner or later.

I called my cousin, Joy. She was preparing for her wedding with the same guy who got her pregnant when we were still in school. At least there are still some few loyal ones out there. I guess I wasn't lucky with mine.


“Hello Joy!”

“Dear cousin, what's up?”

“Joy, Tunde broke up with me. He's seeing someone else.”

“It's a lie! Tell me you are joking. After all these years?”

“I'm not joking!”

I took my time and explained everything to her.

“That's his lose, my dear, just take heart. I believe God will provide someone far better than him.”

“Amen, thanks."

“Please don't kill yourself over one stupid son of Adam o.”

“Me?! Never! My sister, how's the wedding preparation going?" I asked, brushing my issues aside.

“Leave that for now, let's focus on you.”

“Joy! There's nothing to focus on. Let's just say that's how God wants it."

She told me about the latest plan on ground before I dropped the call. I prayed that night, thanking God for giving me the strength to handle a very tough issue such as this. While I was praying, few drops of tears fell from my eyes; but trust me, I wasn't down or broken.

I told myself, "Isaac Oluwapamilerin Daniella, the sun will shine again”.

With that, I dozed off.

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