Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 16
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 16

By abfictionstories   10th Aug 2018
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I approached David slowly when I noticed Jeremy was fast asleep and safe on a couch at the hospital. David was still wide awake; he couldn't sleep, neither could I. I kept stealing glances at him to see if he would eventually fall asleep but hell no. So I mustered courage and walked up to him.

"Sit with me, please," he requested.

I stood, starring at him for a while. Should I really sit with him? Of course yes! That’s what I wanted to begin with, so I did.

"David, it’s gonna be okay."

He drew me closer; my breathe went unstable as he gently laid on my thigh. I waited for another five minutes before I caressed his hair and made him sleep.

I rested my head backwards and tried hard to sleep too but I couldn't get that thought of my mind: Madam Clara wants me out? God, this can’t be true!

Although I didn't mean to let Jeremy find David and I sitting together in the unusual position, he eventually did.

Bukky!!!” He raged further, "So you came to David behind my back?"

"Jeremy, when will you ever behave maturely?" David fired back, "Why can't you accept the fact that she can never be yours?"

Jeremy grabbed David by the neck immediately and made him to stand up.

"You bastard!" He said with his teeth clenched together.

No! This isn't happening. Not now, for Christ’s sake.

"David! Jeremy! Stop this!"

I tried to fight my way in and pushed Jeremy aside, but he was quick to stretch out his arm to offer David a slap, except that his palms landed on my face instead.

"Oh my God! Bukky, I’m sorry."

He rushed to me, "Bukky, are you okay?"

David tried to reach me too.

"Back off!" Jeremy barked at him.

"Would you both stop this! What is wrong with you both?! You guys still have the nerve to fight in spite of mummy’s present condition?! Why are you both behaving like kids?"

I touched my lips – where Jeremy landed his palms earlier – and discovered I was bleeding.

"Bukky, I’m sorry."

He tried to touch me.

"Don't touch me!"

I became furious.


David tried to reach me as well.

"You too! Neither of you should touch me!!"

Fortunately, the doctor’s presence salvaged the weird moment we we having. We all rushed to him.

"I thought I warned that on no occasion must she be subjected to any form of emotional trauma, didn’t I?" the doctor asked.

No one could answer him; that was not what we wanted to hear.

"She will be fine; just let her rest."

I was the first to rush in to see her. I had gotten to the door before I remembered what vodka had said. Well, there is only one way to confirm this.

I gently counted my steps and sat beside her. She was still asleep, but I couldn’t conserve my curiosity so I touched her a little.

"Bukky, what are you still doing here? Please leave."

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