Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 17
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 17

By abfictionstories   13th Aug 2018
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Oh God! Maybe I didn’t hear what she said.


She put my sentence to a halt before I could even finish, "Please go away. You want to ruin my sons, don’t you? Just go!"

I had no choice than to get up. Hot tears fell out of my eyes.

"Mum, do you mean I should leave the fashion house?"

It took her another minute to answer; tears began to flow out of her eyes. As much as it hurt her, she nodded to it.


I gasped, but I covered my mouth with my hands. I couldn't fight the tears. Is this the end of the road for me, my career and everything? So Vodka won after all?

I gently walked out.


I didn't just respond to both David and Jeremy, I drove to the house and entered the flat. It took me another one full hour to get myself together and park my stuffs. Where do I go from here? Foolish me; I didn't even get an apartment for myself all these while.

“Do I go back to Ibadan for a week or two and return to Lagos later to try my luck with a different fashion house? Even if I can’t find any, I might just go into any business that I can handle.” This thought alone scared me to death. I broke down in tears; I had no choice left.

Vodka and I were the last contestant who got to the final stage of the competition. We were asked to choose a crew to ourselves and produce different types of stylish clothes. They would eventually march out in the grand finale in a fashion parade, both our fashion crew. I had chosen Jovita and three other ladies, with same four guys. Vodka had done the same, except that she made sure I wouldn't participate. Well, it’s of no use now.

I got my stuffs together and walked towards my car.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? The great Bukky has been kicked out of the house and back to being a pig," said Vodka, with her new crew. They all burst out laughing. I stopped walking, but there was nothing left to say.

"Hey my friend, would you stop there! I need you to clean my shoes before you leave,” she said.

In unison, they laughed again. I was hurt and angry, but I continued to walk.

"Hurry up before I ask the security to throw you out!"

She added and followed me to the gate to make sure I was out. She ordered the security man never to let me in again.

I entered my car. It took me another five minutes to compose myself before I zoomed off. Few minutes later, my phone rang; it was Jeremy.

I heard Madam Clara's voice in the background;

"Give me the phone!" She requested.

"Bukky my child, I am sorry for what I said earlier. Please don't leave."

Haha. Did I just hear well? Vodka, I swear, I will finish you!!

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