Wrong number Ep. 14
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Wrong number Ep. 14

By Toyin Rachael   16th Aug 2018
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Days later, I got a call from him.

“I’m traveling next weekend and I really wish we could meet one more time before I leave,” he said.

“Is that really necessary? We can talk on phone,” I said.

“Daniella, I really had a nice time the other day. I would be very glad if we can meet again.”

“I told you I'm always busy during the week. There’s no way I can meet up with you.”

“Are you saying I won’t get to see you before leaving?” he asked.

“When exactly are you leaving?”

“On Saturday.”

“OK. Let’s do it this way: we can meet on Saturday at the airport and I’ll keep you company till your plane is ready to take off.”

“This is not a bad idea; I’m happy you’ll be the last person I’ll see before leaving, but I would have loved it if we could meet before then,” he said.

“Sorry about that.”

“Promise me you’ll find time to chat with me everyday online before Saturday.”


“Good, thanks.”

“Well, see you on Saturday.”

“Saturday it is then, good night and sleep tight.”

“Good night,” I said and the line went off.



Seriously, I don’t trust all these America based Nigerian guys. Some just come down to Nigeria and trick girls, going the extra mile to declare themselves single when they are happily married with kids over there. But there’s something about Daniel that seems different. He sounds honest, sincere and I think he’s transparent. You can read him like a book. I feel safe with him as a friend.

During the week, we chatted online. I don’t know why but I feel free with him. We talked about so many things via chat. He also made it a point of duty to call me everyday of the week.

On Saturday, I left my house for Murtala Mohammed International Airport. I called him when I got there and he told me where to meet him.

He was so happy to see me. Mr Paul was there too. David hugged me. I exchanged greetings with Mr. Paul when David released me from his arms.

“Looking beautiful as ever.”

“Thanks, you are not looking bad yourself.” I said shyly.

We sat at the departure hall. Mr. Paul got us some light refreshments.

“I’m coming back next month by God’s grace,” he said.

“Are you coming back finally?” I asked.

“Yes, my IT company is kicking off next month. We’ve succeeded in putting everything in place, thanks to God, and off course Mr. Paul has been of great help.”

“That’s nice, I’m happy for you. Thank you Mr Paul.” I said, facing him.

“Thank God. I’m glad everything turned out well too.”

I got to know that Mr Paul owns one of the most prominent IT firms in Lagos.

“Daniella! I already told Mr Paul to get me an accommodation before I come back so I won't have to stay in the hotel when I return.” Daniel explained.

“That’s good, you already have everything planned out,” I said.

We continued chatting. Mr Paul asked for my number and we exchanged contacts. He also gave me his complimentary card.

By 7pm, the public address system announced his flight.


“I guess it’s goodbye,” I said.

“Yes, and I’m going to miss you and Mr Paul. You guys really made my stay in Nigeria worthwhile.”

“I think you’ll miss Mr Paul more. You’ve always been together ever since you came to Nigeria. This is my second time of setting my eyes on you.” I said.

“You think so? I don’t feel like we just met; I feel like I’ve known you since forever,” Daniel countered.

“Really! If that’s the case, don’t miss me too much then,” I said playfully.

“I’ll try not to,” he said holding my cheek gently with his hands.

“It’s time to go,” Mr Paul announced.

“Mr Paul, can you please help me take her home?” Daniel requested.

“Sure I will,” he replied.

Daniel hugged me and whispered slowly into my ears, “I will be back”.

“I’ll be expecting you,” I whispered into his ears too.

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