Wrong number Ep. 25
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Wrong number Ep. 25

By Toyin Rachael   27th Aug 2018
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Some weeks later, Mr Paul and I met at Daniel’s place. We were all chatting and laughing while Daniel and I did a little lovey-dovey.

“Am I missing something here?” Mr Paul faced the two of us, asking nobody in particular.

“We are now dating,” Daniel informed.

“Wow! At long last. I wondered what took you guys so long,” he said and congratulated us.

“Thank you,” we both chorused.

“I think I should be on my way now, so I can give you guys some time alone,” he said.

“No you don’t have to go; we don’t need any time alone,” I said.

“I never intended to stay long today. I think we should all have dinner together, now that you two are now an item. My fiancée will tag along as well.”

“Good idea. We are in,” Daniel jumped at the offer.

“Let’s make it next weekend then.”

“Next weekend is fine. Daniella is it okay by you?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, it’s OK. I should be free next weekend. I cant wait to meet Mr Paul’s fiancé,” I said.

“Next week it is then, good bye. You guys should have fun, and please Daniella enough of this ‘Mr Paul’ thing.”

“I’ll try. I’m already used to calling you Mr Paul.”

“Please try hard,” he said.

“And please Mr…. Sorry, I meant to say Paul. Hope you still have me in mind? You promised to get me a job.” I reminded him.

“That’s not my fault o. Daniel doesn’t want you to work for anybody.”

“So you guys have been talking behind my back, right?”

“Don’t make it sound like we are gossiping,” Paul replied.

“Men discuss, we don’t gossip,” Daniel added.

“Whatever, Mr Daniel! Do you have another job for me?” I asked.

“So I’m now the ‘Mr’?”

“Just answer my question!” I hit him playfully.

“Relax, I’m still thinking. I’ll come up with something.”

“Mr… sorry, Paul did you hear that?”

“He will fix it, don’t worry. See you guys next week,” Paul stood up and adjusted his shirt.

We saw him off to the parking lot. The gateman opened the gate for him and he zoomed out.


We got back inside and Daniel told me we needed to talk. I told him to go ahead and say whatever he wants to say.

“Daniella! you know I love you, right?” he said.

“Yes, and I love you too!”

“I love transparency in a relationship. You know I don’t hide things from you and I promise not to hide anything from you. I expect same from you, Daniella.”

I nodded, listening to him with rapt attention.

“Do you promise to be transparent with me?”

My mood changed immediately; I no longer felt comfortable around him. I carried my bag and told him I was leaving.

“Chill! Why are you leaving?” he asked, with surprise written all over his face.

“I’m not feeling too well,” I lied.

“Since when?” he asked.

He was confused. He urged me to stay but I insisted on leaving. He offered to take me home but I declined.

I got home and thought about my past, the abortion. I doubt if Daniel will be able to handle it. I know him well enough, he’s a transparent person. He is so open to me and he deserves the same treatment from me. But I was scared of loosing such a great guy like him.

I was still brooding over the issue when my phone rang.

“Speaking of the devil, why is he calling?” I asked myself.

This guy always have his way of complicating things for me, I wonder how someone with such a brain couldn’t understand the word ex.

"Hello, what is it this time around?” I yelled. I doubt if I didn’t burst his ear drums.

“Hey! Easy dear.”

“Did you just say easy? Tunde, if you don’t want the devil to take away the little peace you have left, then please let me be and stop disturbing my life. Leave me in peace!”

“I didn’t mean any harm…”

Tunde, go and tell those who sent you to me that you didn’t meet me.”

I poured out all my anger on him. I lashed him with hot words, I made sure I made him have a share of the pains he had put me through in the past. He was quiet all through, he didn’t say a word. I ended the call when I was through with him.

I don’t even know how to open my mouth and tell Daniel about the abortion.

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