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OBI  28th Aug 2018
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I’ve toiled mother earth, in search of greener pastures
In hope of living a better life
With dreams that I will become a leader of tomorrow
Seeking for a chance to show myself

I’ve done things which tend to go unnoticed
Lived a life where dreams bring happiness and the day sadness
People talk about doom, yet I’ve seen doom and smiled out of it alive
The devil doesn't just speak to me directly, he has made me his demigod
Yet i still haven't fulfilled the saying I made while still a child
Wanted to be a doctor at seven
Pursued the life of a scientist at eleven
Wrote my first poem at thirteen
Still, I wallow in that great confusion of what should I become and what would become of me, when hope is no more

I pray to God almost every day
And I go out in hope of eating a better meal than yesterday
Still they say the youth are the future leaders, but still our old one do not give us a chance to showcase...
Now I just move according to the tides in hopes that my mother's prayer still keeps me going
I know I will be remembered for something
I just hope it is not the tale of too late...
This is me; a young man waiting for his chance even when hopes of having one is near impossible.

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About Timothy Uwaehile

I am Obi, a textile technologist in the making, the one thing i love to do is learn, and that is what have driven my passion for writing. i am very friendly, cool headed and playful, always fun to be with. born and raised in the industrial state which i call Lagos.


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Comments (4)

Big Samposted on 26th Nov 2018 09:55:47

Great Poem @Timothy!

Country Talesposted on 21st Sep 2018 08:24:30

@Mide... Thanks for your comment. Can you please tell us the name of your friend, so that we run a check to verify your information?

Mideposted on 20th Sep 2018 06:41:10

Nice write up. But its the same with my friends poem...how is that possible, I know cause I've read he's so I'm confused

Mideposted on 20th Sep 2018 06:39:55

Nice write up. But its the same with my friends poem...his is that possible, I know cause I've read his n I'm confused


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