Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 23
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 23

By abfictionstories   29th Aug 2018
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"Thank you!"

That's was the word I could finally say before I dropped the microphone and followed Clarise down to Madam Clara's flat.

She laid calm on her bed; it seemed she was smiling.

"Clarise, she is smiling," I said and sat beside her. "She is not dead."

David walked in, Jeremy followed from behind.

"Mum! Mum!" Jeremy hurried up to her.

Clarise had called in the ambulance already. Jeremy began to cry profusely. David on the other hand remained quiet, just staring. He walked to Madam Clara and held her hands. I knew he was hurt, I could tell.

And so it happened; Madam Clara, the woman who changed my life forever, a woman I could boldly call my mother, was gone.

I never knew she had lots of family members until the day she passed on; you need to see how they flocked the fashion house like flies. Prior to her death, she instructed her sons to bury her in the fashion house. This was where she built her life, it’s her home.

David made sure her wish was granted, despite complains from family members who insisted she must be buried in her hometown.

"None of you were here when my mother struggled all her life; none of you were here when she built this fashion house! Now you all want a share in her money? Impossible!! She would be buried here. Our pastor would supervise everything! Not a dime would be spent on any of you! If you have any disagreement, please use the door!"

Within minutes, their bickering tongues seized to just distant murmurs.

Madam Clara's death brought the boys back together. They had to be strong for each other. David had not shed a tear since her departure, and it bothers me a lot.

Madam Clara was laid to rest a week later; there was no time to waste. It went exactly the way she had requested. The House Of Earl built her statue and placed it at the center on the big compound, an icon to always remember.

The house went cold for weeks, even Vodka was strangely calm. No Fashion, no sales, everyone wore black attire. I instructed that for the next one week, fashion be put to a stall, until Joanne unexpectedly resurfaced.

I didn't even know she was back, Jovita brought the gossip. Well, that should be good news right? Joanne is my buddy, isn’t she? She is the only stumbling block between David and I, but that's not a problem.

"She said she has returned to take what's rightfully hers," Jovita said.

"Take what? I don't understand,"I said.

"She wants to own the House Of Earl."

My head sparked fire, "Over my dead body."

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