Wrong number Ep. 31
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Wrong number Ep. 31

By Toyin Rachael   29th Aug 2018
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Tunde called the next day, and this time I proudly answered his call.

“What do you want from me again?” I asked. “At least you’ve accomplished your mission of blackmailing me. Did you call to find out how things turned out?”

“Smart girl! So you went ahead to tell him before I did right!”

“Well, Tunde, the good news is that, God did not allow your plans to work. Daniel forgave me.”

“Keep on deceiving yourself. You think he has forgiven you right? He will soon shock you. Is he not a man?”

“Of course, he’s not an hermaphrodite, he’s a man… an honorable one at that. He is not like you, kill joy!” I spat.

“Well, I know he’ll soon drop your sorry ass. I’ll be waiting.”

“I pray you won’t die waiting. Anyway, all the best and don’t you dare call my line again. If you do, I’ll make sure I have you arrested. Good day!” I said and hang up.


(Months later)

Lizzy and I are became very close; the wedding preparations drew us closer. She involved me in most of her wedding plans. Despite my busy schedules, I made sure I had time to attend to her, whenever she needs me.

Paul was very happy when he realised how close I was with Lizzy. I don’t know why but he loved it whenever he hears that I’m with her. Lizzy is a very sweet person too, so I love being around her.

I now spent most of my weekends with her. My beau began to complain that we hardly see each other except when the four of us are hanging out together. I later devised a plan to visit him in his office on Fridays after school and go to Lizzy’s place on Saturdays because we spent most time in Eko Idumota just to get more aso ebi since it’s on higher demand.

Two weeks to the wedding, Lizzy called and told me she wants to do some personal shopping; she needed my assistance. We went to the shopping mall together and she bought some stuffs. She suggested we stop by a restaurant and eat, since we were both tired and famished.

We settled down and began to eat when someone called her on her phone. After she ended the call, she became quiet and sad at the same time.

“Lizzy, what’s wrong? Why the sudden swing of mood?”

“It’s nothing,” she said and gave me a fake smile.

“Something is wrong! Who called?”

“My mum.”

“You shouldn’t be sad when you receive a call from your mum, so please tell me exactly what’s going on.”

“I’m sorry but... it’s something personal. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I hope it’s not a secret?”

“It is! I know we are now friends, but can I trust you?”

“Yes, you can! Your secret is safe with me.” I assured her.

“I have a son. I gave birth to him while I was in secondary school.”

“Having a child is not a disease, so why are you feeling bad about it?” I asked. “Hold on... Paul doesn’t know about this, does he?”

“He doesn’t know.”

“Jesus… Christ! And you are getting married to him in two weeks time!?”

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