Bisi - the other woman Ep. 14
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Bisi - the other woman Ep. 14

By Jon Doe  Posted on 8th Sep 2018

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The sharp pain in Namdi's side was fleeting. He could feel the liquid coursing through his veins. The disbelief at what she had done lingered. A simmering rage roared to life, metal biting deeper into his wrist and ankles as he struggled against them. Bisi hopped off him as he thrashed, a wild beast chained down, a petal unnoticed falling to the floor. She smirked

"You've heard of ecstasy pills? This liquid will only melt away your pesky inhibitions. Namdi, you'll finally be able to be who you truly are. Should only take a few minutes."

"Bisi, you succubus! I will have you pay for this if it's the last thing I do!"

"I know you will baby, I'm counting on it. Now, I need to get ready too."

Without a backward glance, she headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. The cuffs rattled from the impact as Namdi threw his body against it over and over. A trickle of blood ran down his arm, the cuffs breaking the skin of his wrist.

"You still dare to drug me! I'll choke the very life out of you! Ravage you! Hack you to pieces! I'll show you pleasure and pain walk a fine line, you twisted woman!"

Namdi threw his words at the closed door. His heart filled with a rage he had long forgotten he possessed, consuming every other emotion within him. He could feel his reasoning slipping as primal instincts took control.


His head struck the headboard, a loud crack echoing in the room. His mind spun. The door in front of him opened. Vision slightly out of focus, he saw two Bisi's, both so beautiful. On their body, nothing but a white see-through lace nightie ending inches below their waist. He could hear a ringing in his ears, his head in a fog. With each step she took, the two Bisi's slowly combined to one. Reaching the foot of the bed, Bisi reached for his ankle. With a click, the handcuff fell off his leg, landing on the bed. Another click followed.

"This must be a dream."

Namdi murmured, still dazed from the impact. Two clicks later, he heard a whisper, so close breath tickled his lobe.

"You are more free than you've ever been."

She sat on the bed, her lower back close to Namdi's head. With each breath he took, her perfume filled him, transporting him to a land of endless possibilities. Pushing himself up, he swung his legs, sitting beside her. Feet planted firmly on the ground, he raised his stripped body and began to walk towards the door. Each step took him farther away from her and closer to one form of escape. Every candle he walked past cast a shadow more monstrous than human. He stopped half way to the door, giving the clothes on the ornate table a quick glance. Could he really just walk away from her without any form of retribution? A sick smile appeared on his lips. His feet pounded the floor, taking him back to her; an outstretched hand swiftly reaching for Bisi's neck. The speed caused blood still dripping from his wrist to be flung, splashing against the white lace nightie she wore. Fluidly, his fingers grasped her neck in a vice, slamming her head against the headboard.

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