Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 35
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 35

By abfictionstories   11th Sep 2018
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This is Europe! "Mehn, when Naija go better?" I thought.

The country is cold... no arguments about that. I didn't come prepared, I had no thick sweaters. David noticed as I was stylishly shivering when we got to the hotel. We booked a four bedroom top flat.


He called me, removed his suit jacket and wore it on me.

"I've always told you to wear thick clothes."

I smiled.

"Dave, in Nigeria there’s heat… this is Europe."

Maybe he forgot that. He laughed for the first time in many days. He noticed immediately and switched back to his stern form.

"I'll get you a good sweater tomorrow, get some sleep."

He disappeared into his room. Well, sleep was far from me. I stood up and went through the threshold to get a better view. The city was beautiful, lights brightened everywhere. In Nigeria, all you hear is generator sounds, although we had constant light in the fashion house because we paid NEPA huge sums of money.

"Can't sleep too?" Vodka joined me.

I sighed.

"I'm scared."

She laughed

"Me too!"

We both laughed.

I was surprisingly so free with her that I couldn't believe we were once rivals.


"First position gets 15 million dollars?" I asked as if I’ve forgotten.

She nodded.

"And second position?"

"10 million dollars!"

Hmm, not bad.

"3rd place?"

"5 million dollars!"

She touched my shoulders, "Bukky we've never gotten close to the money zone so I don't even have any word of encouragement for you."

I brought out a gold necklace Madam Clara had given me for good luck and gave it to her.

"We’ve got this!"

And so the day came. The first stage of the competition kicked off. I almost felt oppressed when I saw the different fashion houses with their models on different stylish clothes.

"Alright people, the time has come. As I've always said, we got this handled cos we are not just models but what...?"

They thundered back, "THE HOUSE OF EARL!"

Exactly, that’s the spirit I needed.

"Alright Jovita, stand in front... Javies, stand at the back. Vicky, follow me. We are going in with gowns and suits first. When we get to the last stage, we will come out with our sport wears, which I guess has never been used in this competition before."

We marched out and progressed to the next stage.

"Alright! Double time people, quickly change up."

Yes! We progressed to another stage!

One model from a Spanish fashion house approached me.

"What are you fleas still doing here? Pack up and go home as usual!"

You can imagine the guts... who does she think she is?

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