Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 36
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Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 36

By abfictionstories   13th Sep 2018
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"Let me go!"

I struggled as they reached for me. Thank goodness David showed up! He swiftly pushed his way through them and landed his fist on one of them. He staggered back and attempted to react but a security passed by.

"Quickly, let them go."

The Spanish witch said and hurried off with her hoodlums.

"Are you okay?"

David rushed and picked me up in his arms.

"I'm okay. Put me down."

I thought I could make use of my right leg.


I screamed in pain; I couldn't stand on my feet. Oh no!

David caught me before I lost balance. Vodka tried her best to revive Jovita.

"Bukky, the last stage of the competition starts in thirty minutes... Jovita can't march In this state."

David held his forehead and paced round the room.


"You shouldn't have gotten yourself into this mess to begin with. Please stay out of this woman's way, she is dangerous. Vodka, didn't you tell her?"

I couldn't believe David would say that.

"Please, get me a first aid," I pleaded with Vodka.

Within minutes, she came with a health practitioner to check on me.

"You're done lady, you can't walk with this!"

David remained quiet but I knew he was burning inside.

"Bukky, this last stage requires five sets of models to march out. Jovita and I would complete the set, but she can't march in this state."

An uncomfortable silence stood in the room till Victor spoke out.

"So it’s over!? Is this where it ends for us, like always?"

It dawn on me now, but I wouldn't just let this go, it isn't over.

"No, we would march out there?"

"How? We are not a complete set!"

Vodka questioned back.

"Everyone, change to your sport wears... I will complete the set."

David stopped pacing and turned to face me.


"I'll pretend I didn't hear that," he said.

I ignored him and turned to the health practitioner, "Please rap this up."

He attempted to protest, but I wasn't ready to hear the rubbish he wanted to voice out.

"Now!" I yelled.

He went back to work. No one moved. When he was done, I got up on my feet and faced them.

"I’m not giving up! We must win this competition for Madam Clara and the House of Earl. I would give my all to save this house, cos it’s my home! I believe you all would do same because we are not just models but what…!?”


I stood at the back and wore a canvas. God please help me out.

As I marched out, I took careful steps till I was safely behind curtains. The pains I felt was unbearable that I shed tears uncontrollably.

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