My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch.1 Ep. 6
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My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch.1 Ep. 6

By Ola Olowo   11th Oct 2018
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Shortly after takeoff, a cake and a cup of tea was served by the plane attendants. When they got to my row, I ignored the cake and the juice, hoping that they might bring it back or probably serve me something more meaningful because I was very hungry. I could smell an aroma of fried egg coming from the back, which I assumed to be the kitchen. That gave me a slight hope of eating something sumptuous. I’m sure Ugo smelled the same aroma too. Record has it straight that among the fantastic four, he had the best nose; not because he had a long nose, but he could smell anything ‘smellable’ from a distance. Ugo can tell you the number of Sardines in a can without opening it, that’s how good he is.

A young woman sitting next to me read a novel by Michael Cornell – ‘The Poet’. Since I had nothing to do, I had no alternative than to join her read. After reading for a while, we got talking, and from our discussion, I found out that she lived in Jos.

We talked for a while and then she handed over the novel to me, which I read to the next chapter. In the course of time, I began to feel a slight headache. I looked through the window and all I could see was cloud, and vast of lands. I returned the book and few minute later, the tires of the plane wheeled out; that was when I knew we were drawing closer to the Jos airport.


That reminds me… What about the fried eggs I smelled some minutes ago? This is cheating mehn! An announcement was made that the plane was about to land. At 2:30pm, the plane touched down successfully and we got down one after the other. Per my calculations, it took us about one hour and thirty minutes to fly to Jos.

Upon getting to the arrival lounge, we waited for over thirty minutes for our bags to arrive. To our utmost surprise, not all passengers got their bags. An announcement was made later to inform us that not all bags had arrived, all hell broke loose. Only few passengers were fortunate to get their bags. Ugo and I were not among the lucky few. Bibie on the other hand got all her two bags. Among the passengers who didn’t get their bags was a frustrated soldier. He shouted on top of his voice and everyone followed suit.

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