Closet of secret Prologue
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Closet of secret Prologue

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 23rd Oct 2018

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Mann woke up and stretched himself to his limit, the rays of sun causing him thirty seconds blindness; he picked up his training boot, about to start today's one hour compulsory jogs.

He stepped outside his two bedroom flat, only few people on the street. He plugged in an earphone and started listening to one early morning motivational song. Next, he began to exercise.

"Spy 04, package 007 is leaving his house for his routine exercise, copy."

Skarley whispered to the small listening device attached to the collar of her tank top.

"I'm moving in from the south, cover me up," Spy 04 replied.

Skarley smiled and jogged in the same direction, trying to divert suspicion. Her phone beeped, a new message had come in. Stylishly, she brought out her phone from her three-quarters military-like trouser;


“Bug package 007 few meters to his doorpost. Maintain casual relationship and leave vicinity in a jiffy, leave no trace.”

“I've got a separate job, no more back up or cover. Set your stop watch to five minutes,” Skarley whispered into the device, and started trailing Mann.

“Mission accomplished; Alpha Bug X5 on package 007, retreating back to...”

“Are you out of your mind?” Spy 002 shouted, causing the frequency of her listening device to go high, nearly bursting her eardrum.

Skarley stammered, she had been caught unaware, panic sets in.

"You were instructed to bug him with Beta C3 – a supersonic listening device – but you've implanted a deadly bug on him. Well, pray he finds out on time or you meet with the head of forensic and equipment testing to deactivate it before it expires in six hours time,” Spy 002 lectured.

“Anyway, you'd have to give a report to the head of committee in the next 12 hours, good day!” The device went off.

She walked dejectedly home, with a glint of hope; only God knows why she is always at the verge of spoiling things.

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Kwameposted on 23rd Oct 2018 15:55:50

Finally... some action story! I look forward to it.


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