Closet of secret Ep. 2
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Closet of secret Ep. 2

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 23rd Oct 2018

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*** Few years ago ***

General Wood had served five successive governments filled with people of different intentions. By far, the current government seems to be the worst he had ever served; he had tried his best to correct most of their wrongdoings but that made them label him ‘The Devilish Saint’.

Well, he wasn't a saint either, but he had given up on evil and embraced a life that could be described as righteous. He had been a military man for a period of twenty-five years, extraordinarily creative with tactical skills; he had a super distinguishing Intellectual Quotient. He was fearless and ruthless; he tempered justice with no leniency.

He was the youngest during his service days. Many thought he was weird to be the only military man during his service days till now to have no relatives. Many detectives, seasoned trailers and professional spies had at one time or another, tested their skills on him; no one was successful on their findings about his family life, no one could tell if he had a wife or bore children. The only thing they all knew about him was that he once had a family. The whole country had set out a day to mourn the death of his first wife and two healthy children twenty years ago. Apart from this information, no one knew anything about his family life. He would turn sixty-five years in a few weeks time.

When the current government made a deal of siphoning multi-trillion dollars from the single Treasury Account of the federal government, he advised them not to; they immediately named him 'Judas'. He was a top government official and being a military man made it difficult to silence him.

General Wood took the game to new dimensions when he decrypted all the government databases, of both current and past administrations. He focused on government’s shady deals: illegal money transfers, bribery in any dimension, including the just ended jackpot the current government had just ran. All these incriminating files he saved on one of his external hard disk, making him the only soul to be in possession of such classified documents.

He smiled, congratulating no one in particular but himself on a successful mission. He walked out of the Federal Government Database Management System Office.



Semn had just finished his one year compulsory National Youth service. He was happy to be a graduate; he walked home after receiving his discharged certificates with smiles.

He had gone to one of the best law schools in Nigeria, read civil law, graduated with a very good G.P.A, served in a rural community just to make his parent happy. He had other intentions: He wants to become a boss of his own, no time to roam the deserted labour market of Nigeria looking for white collar jobs that doesn't exist.

During his school days, he had already finished three different professional courses on leadership, entrepreneurship, and an A-level business management. He seemed satisfied with himself; with the capital in his bank account, if well managed, could make him rise in the ladder of success.

He walked home one Saturday evening with a heavy mind after visiting a major bar with his few pals. “How should I tell my parents that I am abandoning law to start an agribusiness?” this looked hellish to him.

He was sure his parents would hear little or none of it; to them, it would be like leaving a three bedroom flat in heaven for a face-me-I-face-you house in hell.

Well, he owned his life, but he had never rejected his parent’s advice. He hope they will reason with him this time around. He feared the worst; maybe they would disown him, maybe they would...

He couldn't gather his thoughts together, negative thinking had started marking attendance in his heart.


Detective Larry's past seems untraceable; many reports about him shows that he was adopted immediately after birth. His biological parents are nowhere to be found; his adopters died few days after his sixteenth birthday. Reports ended that he was transferred to the Federal Military School.

Only he knew where his real parents were, how he trained hard before he was sent abroad. He was doing fine abroad before the devil started dancing with the destiny of the school: The school collapsed two years after he started his training course; the management of the school were killed one after the other. He was lucky to leave the school on time. The unfortunate day the school building was blown into rubbish, over thirty casualties were recorded and a tenth of the students lost their lives.

He got enrolled into another A-level spy school, there he completed his course. He came back to Nigeria as a world class detective.

Upon returning to his fatherland, he was immediately employed. He was recruited into the Nigeria Security Service (NSS) as a level 4 detective; within a span of ten years, he had astoundingly risen to level 12, the second of such indelible landmarks, only achieved by General Wood during his days - he left the NSS due to the high level of corruption.

Many had thought Larry wouldn’t last the test of time. During his elementary days with the NSS, he was assigned the hardest of tasks, and most times, he was placed on missions with no extraction. Twice, he had escaped from the cold hands of death; he hoped he was on the right track.



James Mann had no one to call his own parents. He started life by the road side where the unfortunate woman who had pushed him out of her uterus abandoned him. He was found by a good Samaritan who immediately alerted the police. Mann ended up in a private orphanage home, belonging to James Mann.

He grew up with lots of other children of different races and colour, whom he thought were his siblings. Schools in those days were founded for children of the elite, making it impossible for any of the kids in the orphanage home to get formal education. They still owed their lives to Mr. James - the owner of the home - and the people working with him to ensure the smooth running of the place. Only few people had given them some financial support, the rest empty promises.

Once a child is above the age of fourteen at the orphanage, he or she is expected to start learning a vocational skill. Quite a good number of kids were placed in different vocational and skill acquisition centers in the region and they did fairly well. Those who were adopted were taken away to join a new family.


Mann had absconded three years after he was adopted; he was seventeen years old at that time. Why won't the poor boy ran away when the widow who adopted him only made him her sex machine?

Few days after his adoption, the widow called him into her bedroom. She was stark naked on the bed, her breast flopped down like the fallen London bridge. She commanded him to start giving her heads. Since there was no one to complain to, he had to obey like a castrated dog. She would moan like someone who was receiving punishment, then shake like an epileptic patient.

Mann was tasked with performing all sorts of bleeping positions and styles. He enjoyed the free sex at first, until he finally got bored of the woman who made it a habit to keep him going until she ordered him to stop. He ended up having series of waist pains and body aches.

He was happy to know that he never contracted any form of sexually transmitted infections from her.

When he finally ran away from his sex captor, he mingled with some bandits; he became one of them before he willingly joined the military at the age of twenty.

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