I wanted you
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That night
When we sat
Under the almond tree,
That night of full moon
When we sneaked out
Far from the crowd
Crowd of youths
Young men and maidens
Singing and dancing
In celebration of that heavenly light
That had driven away darkness.
That night
When I shivered
Beneath the cold caress of the night breeze
And the whimpers and whispers
Of the night crickets
I hid my face from your piercing gaze
For I was afraid
That you would see through me
And decipher the fear in my smiles,
That night
I lied
When you said
You saw the emptiness in my eyes
And the coldness in my stare
You were right
When you said
You felt the uncertainty in my heartbeat
And abject mischief in my smiles
You were right.

That night
I wanted you to know
That my life would end
If you ever wandered far from me
That the world would stop to revolve
If I stayed a day without your charming face
I wanted to give you the world
In packs of invisible wraps
I wanted you to know
That I had tattooed my heart
With your names
And your images
But the words refused to form
When you said you had found another
When you said I was just the other
That night
I wanted you to know That I wanted you
But those words murdered me
And today
I still see the images of you and me
Engraved on the tree
Where I last felt your piercing embrace.

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About Idorenyin Matthew

My Name is Idorenyin Matthew, From the South-South of Nigeria. I hold a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Calabar, Nigeria. writing is the most passionate thing that keeps me going, that's why I've never stopped writing from the first day I started.


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Josephposted on 27th Oct 2018 21:29:47

dope...,.Nyc poem

Preciousposted on 24th Oct 2018 12:16:55

Awww.... what a poem!

I wanted you

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