Closet of secret Ep. 4
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Closet of secret Ep. 4

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 1st Nov 2018

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The 200 maximum capacity of the NSS hall was filled to the brim. All workers and agents were present; they were seen in groups of five to seven, comprising of people in the same departments. They all guessed what could possibly warrant such an emergency meeting.

Agent Larry walked in as quietly as possible, trying not to attract any attention. He walked to the last empty seat at the back roll. Only two people were causing the delay – Skarley and the head of NSS.

Agent Skarley walked in majestically, her graceful steps were magical, her light skin shone like an illuminated casket of diamonds; her perfect curves at the right place, her hour glass figure visible to the blind. She flashed her perfect set of white dentition even when she knew many won’t reciprocate.

Skarley had been in the corporation for over fifteen years. Her past and present achievements are very astounding. She had risen quite incredibly to level 12; she’s the only female to have attained such feat. She is quite proud but intelligent.

She had once faced General Wood in the past; she was quite successful because she ended up lodging a single bullet into his thigh, but that did not kill him. Only God knows why the General had spared her life.

She was a model in disguise because many a times when asked about her profession, she often tells people she is a model. She was the most trusted and professional female spy and detective the NSS could boast of, maybe that’s why the head of NSS really cared a lot about her.

Skarley had her own enemies to contend with in the corporation. One of such is Agent Larry, who was her utmost rival.

The head of NSS walked in few minutes later; he wasted to time in tabulating the cause of the impromptu meeting. He urged all workers to give suggestions on how to handle the case.

Many gave both useful and useless suggestions. After deliberating for about thirty minutes, the head of Information and Publicity gave a useful insight;

“From the information at hand, we have seen that the Gen. Wood has some hidden flaws, and not until we discover them, he will seem unconquerable. I suggest we use our best teams to tackle this case.”

“You’re right!” head of forensics and equipment chipped in. “We need to use the best to bring down the best.”

“According to what I’ve gathered, we might need some assistance from external sources,” the vice of NSS added.

“I thought about that too,” said, the head of NSS.

“Why don’t we call for the assistance of someone like Mary Death?” the head of defense said.

Mary Death!? That name rings bell to the ears of the likes of Agent Skarley and Larry.

“Who is Mary Death?” head of Planning and Strategies asked.

“Mary Death is a serial killer, very skilled detective with world class and astounding records,” replied, the head of information.

“She single-handedly killed the President of Russia and the World Bank leader. The most fascinating thing about her is that no one knows anything about her; no one has seen her real picture, no one knows how old she is, no one knows anything about her family life,” head of defense chipped in.

He added, “Last year, she worked for the CIA to effect the arrest of twenty serial drug barons and terrorists.”

“World Special Forbes in security matters gave her an award of excellence for being the world’s best detective, twice in a row. On both occasions, a little girl and a man showed up to receive the award on her behalf respectively. She seem untraceable,” the head of Information remarked.

“Let’s get her to join the train of detectives on this job,” the NSS boss concluded.

He dismissed them with instructions to get prepared in whichever way they can help to get Gen. Wood silenced.




“Ma’am we need to remove this life support from your son’s body,” the doctor said.

“Please wait a little bit more, he will surely recover,” my mother said amidst silent tears, tears she had been shedding for the past ten years.

“But Ma’am!?” the doctor lamented, “This is the tenth year your son has entered coma each time he lose balance from the staircase at school. He’s got part of his cranial nerves damaged.”

My mother listened again and again with every glint of hope, as if she never knew what brought me to the hospital in the first place.

“We need your consent to pull out the life support,” the doctor persuaded.

“Can’t we wait a bit more? I will continue to bear the cost as I have been doing for the past ten years,” my mother cried out loud.

“Ma, your son has passed the third stage of comatose revival; medically, we don’t think he can make it,” said the doctor.

“This equipment cost a lot of fortune and we have been bearing the overhead cost since the day we started using it for your son.”

“We need to pull it off now!”

The doctor suddenly moved towards my bed. With each step he took, the closer I moved towards my grave.”

My mother had already lost hope. Powerless, she resorted to tears.

“Nnnnooooooooooooooo!” she shouted as the doctor took the last vitals and pulled out the cord.

I breathed my last.

“Noooooooooooooooooo!” I shouted and came out of coma.

I moved my head around in pain, twitching my eyes in the process. I saw familiar faces around: my sister, my two older brothers, my father who had left my mother, and his four children were all present in the intensive care unit.

“Where am I?” I asked no one in particular.

They all gasped. My sister ran out shouting, “Doctor! Doctor!!” her voice ringing like a school bell in my head.

I squeezed my face. My mother held my hands; her face swollen, she had cried over fifty basins of tears. She smiled at me like a new born baby. I replied with a gentle smile.

“How long was I admitted?” I asked.

“Ten weeks and two days,” she replied.

The doctor entered the ward and everyone was ordered to leave.

He attended to me and I slept of immediately.




Gen. Wood was unusually happy; the cause of his happiness seems unknown to himself. He walked round his compound in a tactical manner, as if he was practicing.

He entered into his living room after walking around for a while. Oh! He remembered his cause of happiness: He will be seventy years old in few days time. He jumped to his feet in excitement. He thought of throwing a very large party to commemorate the occasion, a grand finale, a most memorable party.

He began to plan; it must be the talk of town, security conscious too, he thought. He would use this opportunity to invite his long unknown wife and children to the party. He was happy beyond limit.



I sat down facing my computer; twice, I had felt uncomfortable. I stood up, walked round my office twice, sat down and continued my work.

My secretary entered during our usual one hour break. She sat down with a long face and I decided to play smart with her.

“Ella, what brought you to my office?” I asked, flashing her my meekest smile.

"Sir, I have something important to tell you," she replied.

"Go on, I'm all ears.”

"Sir, NSS headquarters sent two messages to us. It’s a confidential file and only the head of CIA can open it.”

She stopped there, hoping that I may scold her for trespassing or spying on general affairs; but I urged her to continue.

"Sir, those two files are messages, urging the CIA to spare them two of our best agents, specifically making reference to you and Agent Mary Death."

I glared immediately. Why on earth would my services be needed along side Agent Mary Death? Such missions must be daring.

She snapped me out of my reverie.

“Sir, the mission is about Gen. Wood,” she chipped in.

“Agent wood!” I exclaimed.

“Sir, it’s an execution mission,” she finally dropped the bombshell.

Why on earth would NSS want me to execute Gen. Wood.

"Sir, that's why I'm afraid. Gen. Wood’s record is quite super standard, no one has ever succeeded in any assassination attempt against him."

She added, “I tried changing your work records, heaping more workload to your table so that you would look busy and the job may be transferred to agent Mary Death and a different person.”

I thanked her gratefully, hoping for when I would be summoned. I began to plan on how to evade the task ahead. I wouldn’t be the one to face death from Gen. Wood.

I closed immediately, postponing all work to the next day. I walked to my car at the garage and drove madly home.




The board meeting of NSS was in progress; the five heads of office sat round a large table. After many deliberations, they decided to start Gen. Woods’s mission with immediate effect.

Four agents would be used, two of the best from NSS and CIA respectively. They settle on agent Larry, agent Skarlet, agent Mann and agent Mary Death.

They ended the meeting after sending several messages to CIA headquarters, urging them to release agent Mary Death and Mann to them. They planned on silencing Gen. Wood on his seventieth birthday.

Larry and Mann would be in charge of the execution; Mary Death would be in charge of retrieving the secret files and Skarley would be in charge of extraction.

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