Closet of secret Ep. 5
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Closet of secret Ep. 5

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 1st Nov 2018

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Agent Mary Death stood up from the large dressing mirror in her room. She was seen sporting a blue long sleeve flowing gown. Her modest curves were slightly visible. She strapped her 9 inch Armani pistol hostler; her small transmitter secretly attached to her hairpin and a small receiver fixed to her earrings.

She walked out gallantly to her SUV parked at the garage and drove off to Gen. Wood’s birthday party.


Agent Skarley walked sluggishly to her Range Rover Sports; she was a bit pensive. Her mum was also attending Gen. Wood’s birthday party. How she got the invitation card still remains a mystery to her.

She rocked a flowing red dinner gown; her hour glass figure very visible. A nine inch red heels adorned her feet. Strapped in between the heels was an eight inch long silencer. Her long hair flowed ceaselessly behind her; hidden in it was a transmitting device. Her objective was to extract her colleagues who were tasked with the execution. She remains their only external source of information during the mission.

The fact that her mother would be attending this same party might complicate things for her;

“Who even sent her an invitation to begin with?” she questioned no one in particular.

She entered her car and drove down to the venue, leaving her mum behind.



The Ooni of the Great Ile-Ife dynasty rose from the dressing seat and stretched a bit. He wore a royal blue 'agbada' with a pair of Italian black shoes. He looked younger than his seventy-five years old body.  

He walked to the palace courtyard; his adorable queen of fifty was patiently waiting for him with their three beautiful children.

“Oya, let us go! Hope the escorts are ready?” he asked his wife.

“Everyone is ready,” she replied.

They all stood up from their seats and moved outside into the two waiting Highlanders and one Camry; off they went to Gen. Wood’s birthday party.


President Chris stepped outside his presidential villa; his beautiful daughter and her mother walked by his side. He adorned a blue-black three piece suit, a small pistol tucked in between the waist band of his trouser; his shining Italian shoe adorned his feet. They moved down into the their 2017 BMW sport car. The driver turned on the engine and drove off to his biggest enemy’s party.


Skarley’s mother walked out of her room. She was surprised to find out that Skarley had left for an unknown destination without her knowledge.

“Didn’t I tell this girl that we are attending this party together?” she soliloquized.

“Who will now drive me to this party? I can’t miss this party o!”

It was at this moment that Sterling walked in. He wore a huge smile as he hugged his mother. The website he was moderating had skyrocketed to something big, driving huge traffic and large membership.

To please his mother, he decided to drive her to the party. He rushed inside and changed to a powdered blue suit with white short sleeve. He drove her to the venue of the occasion in his blue Ferrari.


Gen. Wood’s birthday party was a big one not to be forgotten in the history of Nigeria; he invited all and sundry to the party. Most of the important personalities who honoured the occasion came with their personal securities.

Gen. Woods put on a flowing white and brown ‘agbada’ made from local adire material; his well polished brown Italian shoe shone brighter than the moon.

He walked to the door to give President Chris a warm embrace. He spoke silently into the president’s ears;

“I know your plans towards me,” he said slowly.

“You this old liar! I will make sure I eliminate you from the surface of this earth,” the president replied.

“Let’s watch and see who dies first, young fool!” Gen. Wood replied.

They both smiled at each other publicly and the available pressmen quickly took some shots.



Agent Larry entered into the large hall where the party was ongoing. Two cheap girls cat-walked to the particular corner where he sat. He drove them away after giving them fifty thousand Naira. He scanned the whole setting with his eagle eyes; over fifty securities were present there, along with lots of dignitaries.

Without causing suspicion, he moved to the male toilet section. He entered one of the cubicles and quickly blocked the CCTV camera attached to it with tissue paper; he immediately changed into a two piece suit, same colour adorned by most agents in the hall. He moved outside. Many did not even pay him a single attention.

“I’m ready!” he said into the small listening device attached to the collar of his suit.

“Stay few meters away from the range of target. I’ll take the shot from outside,” a voice said.


Skarley’s mother walked inside the hall with a happy face; no one knows why she was exceedingly happy. She did a quick clearance and she and her son were allowed into the hall. She found a suitable spot in one corner of the room and she sat down with her son, Sterling.

Shortly after, Skarley walked in. She was surprised to see her mum. She walked to her mother’s table;

“Mama, I thought you would miss this party” she said while drawing a seat for herself.

“If I should miss this party, I would never attend any other in my life,” she replied.

Both Sterling and Skarley were surprised at her utterance.

“Lest I forget, I want you two to meet someone,” she said while turning her head around, trying to locate the person she was looking for.

“Wait! Let me give him a call,” she said, and brought out her iPhone to make a call.

“I think your mother has found a new crush,” Sterling said to Skarley.

“As if she isn’t your own mum too!” Skarley replied and they both laughed mildly at their mum’s drama.

“Hello! We are here already. Where are you?” Skarley’s mum said to the person at the other end of the phone.

“Oh! You are already here?”

“Where are you?” she asked again.

“Upper floor.”

“OK! We are coming,” she replied.

“Children, oya let’s go and meet the person I’m talking about.”

She stood up and her two children followed from behind closely..



Agent Mary Death walked into the twentieth floor of the building directly opposite the venue of Gen. Wood’s birthday party. She had earlier booked for a room there. She walked into her room, pulled off her clothes, leaving only her pant and bra on, then opened the window facing the place.

Mary walked back to her bag. She unzipped it and brought out her Q5 Sniper – a 500 mega pixel, 100 meters zoom range sniper rifle. She attached the short silencer and positioned it well on the window bar, only the short silencer of the gun stuck out.

While waiting for the next order from Agent Mann, she got distracted by sexual thoughts. She was brought back from ‘planet ten’ when she heard the voice of Agent Mann;

“Target moving towards point, get ready. Only a single shot is needed, please.”

“Copy that,” she replied.

She moved towards the gun; her eyes on the radar, she waited for the last order.


Skarley’s mother led her children to the room where the person she wanted to meet was waiting. She smiled as they moved upwards; soon, they were at the door post of the room, Skarley and Sterling at her back.

She pressed the door bell five times as he had ordered her to do. The door opened immediately, but something tragic happened next.

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