Lost love Part 1
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Lost love Part 1

By Ola Olowo   3rd Nov 2018
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This is a true life story; I want everyone to learn from it. I know there are some girls like me out there who are still quite naive and follow the orders of their mothers, but I want you all to learn from my story.

My name is Blessing. It all began in the year 2000 when I was in SS1. I have read different books and novels on the subject of love but I never felt the need to love an opposite sex up until I was in SS1.

“All of you are dullards,” my government teacher said. “I won’t explain anything to you all; if you can’t solve this simple assignment, I don’t have any choice than to conduct a text in my next class.”

“But sir, how do we solve the puzzle?” Dupe, one of the student in the class asked.


“That might be your test for next week. You all can go and meet Femi in SS2. Prepare for my test the next time we meet,” Mr. Shobo said, packed his two big government textbooks in his arms and left the class.

At the end of the day, we all rushed to meet Femi when he was about leaving the class. We pleaded with him to explain the assignment to us, and that was when it all started.

Femi was the best student in his department, and most of his classmates were envious of him, although he came from a poor family. He was always the first person in his class to be sent home whenever names of debtors were mentioned at the assembly ground, but that didn’t affect him academically.

Femi organised tutorial classes for my friends and I, mostly after school. And in no time, I fell in love with him. I was young and naive but I knew what I felt for him was strong, true and genuine.

Femi ticked all the boxes on what I wanted in my dream man and I was ready to stick to him for the rest of my life.

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