Lost love Part 2
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Lost love Part 2

By Ola Olowo   3rd Nov 2018
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Some months later, Femi and his colleagues graduated and I felt nostalgic about it. There was little communication between us way back except the few times when we talked at call centers.

Eleven months later, I graduated from secondary school too, and I proceeded to a higher institution of learning. Femi on the other hand had to work in a factory so he could save enough money and further his education. A month after, he was transferred to Katsina for a short stint. Against all odds, our love for each other grew stronger and stronger with each passing day.

I was more than ready to go the extra mile with him until my mum summoned me to her room one day.

“Blessing! Don’t you ever think of bringing anybody from Ondo/Ekiti for marriage!” she warned. 

Those were her last words that evening; it hit me like a volcano. The only man I’d known and loved was Femi and he’s from Ondo. What do I do?

I cried my eyeballs out throughout the day.

Ore mi (My Friend), you need to stop this thoughts of yours. Break up with him now and move on,” Tolu, my roommate advised me.

It took me a week to summon up the courage.


Some days later…

Phone rings...

Ife mi (My love), how are you doing?” Femi said happily on the phone

“I’m okay,” I replied sharply.

I just got back from Katsina and I was…

I cut him off.

“Femi, it’s over between us. I can’t continue with this relationship,” then I dropped the call.

The pain I was going through was unbearable. Femi called several times but I refused to pick up his calls. He sent series of text messages, pleading, but I stood my ground.


Tolu introduced me to a guy. I felt having someone in my life would take away the pains of loosing Femi. A year later, Opeyemi and I got married.

After marriage, I realised he lied to me about his religion all these while. He lied to me that he was a Christian, not until I got to his family house did I know who he really was.

I became pregnant for him and there was no turning back. Ope had betrayed the little trust and love I had for him. I couldn’t even find the little love which made me marry him in the first place. I contemplated on a divorce for so many months but my mother objected to the idea and she told me to keep hold of my marriage that everything will be fine.



Five years into my supposed marriage...

During one of those days, I decided to visit my mother. I bumped on Femi, my first love on the way to the filling station in my area. He actually came to visit his parents too. We exchanged contacts again and we agreed on a date the next day. The old memories crept in once again. I couldn’t sleep that night.

We met at one eatery in my vicinity the next day. My Femi is now a big man, the man I had dreamt he would become. He is now a renowned writer and a sport presenter in Ibadan. How I’ve loved him! His love never died in my heart.

My mother never told me why she didn’t want me to get married to someone from Ondo/Ekiti up till date. My husband, Ope, had travelled to Italy in search of greener pastures, leaving me with a kid. This was how my mother denied me the love of my life, denying me everlasting happiness. Femi, I love you and will forever do.


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