Closet of secret Ep. 6
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Closet of secret Ep. 6

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 5th Nov 2018

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Semn walked happily into his father’s house; he had successfully acquired half hectares of land in a secluded place where he would start his agribusiness - poultry, fishery, piggery, rearing of cattle and goats, not forgetting ram also. With a quarter of his capital gone, he planned on having a big farm where he would cultivate both cash and commercial crops. He was happy; at least, he won't be the jobless law graduate of three years ago.

Serena walked in holding a letter.

"Bro. Semn, your girlfriend came looking for you earlier this morning," she said, handing over the sealed letter to him.

"Oh! My bad! I’ll give her a call immediately," he said while he  squeezed a 50 Naira note into her tiny palm.

She laughed and walked out.

He had not call his girlfriend for three days in a row; it’s not entirely his fault: his new job had taken the best of his time. He spent the previous day going through all the formal processes of acquiring the land; the day before, he set aside for site sampling with some soil scientists and surveyors.

He picked up his phone - five missed calls from her. Gosh! He quickly placed a call through; she picked on the fourth attempt.

"Hello sweetheart!" he said.

"Hi Semn!" was her reply.

He was a bit surprised; he had been dating her for the past four years and not on a single occasion had she called him by his real name, it’s either ‘darling’, ‘dear’, ‘my love’ or something sweeter.

"You sound so dull, and I can hear you sniff. What’s the problem? Is someone troubling you?” he asked with real sense of affection.

She burst into new rounds of tears; that was when he got the message - she must have been crying for so long, refreshing the tears.

"I'm coming over to your house right now. Please don't hurt yourself, spare me the next five minutes,” he said, standing up from his bed, his mind racing between heaven and earth.

"No, don't come to my house!" she said coldly. "Have you seen the letter I dropped?"

"Yeah! Seruwa just gave it to me few minutes ago."

“OK. Go through it and let me have a reply as soon as possible. I have to go now.”

She disconnected the line long before he could bade her 'bye'.


“Something is wrong somewhere!” he soliloquized. “Was she raped? Did she lose someone dear to her? Have I offended her in any way? Why is she crying? Why did she ask me not to come to her place?”

He tore the seal of the envelope and brought out the letter. The first line caught his attention. He was stunned; he felt billion spears piercing through his heart. He tried to talk but it seemed impossible. His eyes continued to scan through the letter; he read its contents even though he couldn’t assimilate them. He passed out immediately he read the last sentence - “I love you.”



I was discharged after spending two months in the hospital. Did I make mention of the fact that I was referred thrice? Well, I spent those two months in three different hospitals. My everlasting problem began when I came out of a coma that spanned a period of ten weeks and two days.

I was attended to just like every other patient who was in dire need of medical attention, but my case was different, very weird. I had pass the stage where I was supposed to die and rest peacefully in the hands of my creator. Somehow, I played a smart game with death himself, he let me live, but it was better off if I had passed on; I became a first class citizen of hell on earth.

The doctors were unable to cure me of my ailment; the nurses lost hope in me, and my parents lost half of their wealth on my medication.

I became a different person entirely. I began to see things others don't see, I began to scream loud at nights, I began to ask useless and senseless questions; I became weird, I became something else.

After many months without any cure, I became a locked-house object; I was always locked in a room, my shouts barely audible to my hearing.

Not after six months in this pitiable condition did help come my way; the help that made me what I am today.


Agent Mann sat inside a car parked few blocks away from the venue of Gen Wood’s birthday party. He was in charge of dishing out orders during the mission.

"Target would move to point soon," he said to Mary Death.

"Kill anything that pops it’s head out of that door," he said while walking toward the party.


Agent Larry felt uncomfortable at where he sat; he hadn’t seen any of his workmates.

"Where is Skarley?" he asked agent Mann.

“She should be within the premises. Her transmitters aren’t connected. Look around for her,” Mann replied.

“Copy that!” Larry said, walking upstairs.


He was at the corridor of the third floor when he saw Skarley and her elder brother behind their mother. He walked towards them.

The door they were facing opened and a man came out. He hugged the elderly woman facing him tightly, before something tragic happened. Right before his much unclad eyes, he saw it happened: A bullet flew past him and hit someone.

He saw the commotion as the four rushed into the room the man had come out from. He walked cautiously into the room and closed the door behind him.

He got the shocker of his life when two mean hands pointed guns at his skull.

He froze.


Mary Death positioned herself with the sniper riffle at her disposal. She watched closely as the woman pressed the doorbell five consecutive times, a young man and a woman solidly behind her.

She watched as the door opened immediately after the fifth ring. Her target popped his body out; he was a cute old man, despite celebrating his seventieth birthday.

"Is he still active in bed?" she asked herself.

“This man must have those pacts that ladies drool over,” she thought.

She snapped herself out of her sexual thinking.

Isn't she supposed to kill this man?

She faced the sniper's radar; her hands on the trigger when she saw that she already had the needed range.

In no time, she pulled the trigger, but she got her calculations wrong: The supposed target hugged the woman passionately, causing the bullet to hit the wrong target.


Skarley watched the man she was ordered to kill open the door and give her mother a tight hug. She heard her giggle like that of primary school children.

She wanted to say something when a very fast object buzzed past her ear, then the unexpected happen: A bullet lodged into the back of her mum’s arm.

They all rushed into the room, with her mum already wailing in pain. They forgot to close the door behind them.

A man in blue suit entered and she was surprised to see herself and Gen Wood point their guns at the stranger's head.

The stranger turned around; it was agent Larry.

She gave a sigh of relief.

"Are you the one who shot my mother?" Skarley asked in pain.

"Hell no!" Larry replied.


Gen. Wood quickly placed a call to a doctor friend of his; he will be using his friend’s car to convey Skarley’s mum to the hospital.

Like a flash, both Skarley and Larry pointed their guns at Gen. Wood.

"Say your last prayer!!" Larry barked at Wood.

"No!!" Skarley’s mother shouted, the pain almost drowning her voice, she was in her son’s bosom.

"Why mum?" Skarley asked. “I've been ordered to kill this man.”

"Because he is the father of my children...” she replied before passing out.

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