Closet of secret Ep. 7
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Closet of secret Ep. 7

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 6th Nov 2018

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Semn woke up some hours later. He felt light headed. His beautiful sister and mother were sited by his bedside. He twitched his eyes and his mother sprang up; she quickly called the attention of the doctor on duty.

He wondered why he was on a hospital bed and not the king sized bed that adorned his room. Then he remembered the letter and tears began to flow through his eyes. He battered his eyelids, trying to stop them from falling. His younger sister held his hands in a consolidation manner, urging him to stop crying.

"I don't cry when I lose friends," she said to him. “In fact, I lose some to create space for new ones in my life.” 

"God knows best,” Seruwa added, holding onto his brother more passionately. “Your girlfriend isn't the best for you that is why she left."

She felt his pain and her own eyes became misty too.

"Proof to her that she is not worth a drop of your tears!" she said and burst into tears.

She had seen her unconscious brother first; raised alarm and neighbours came to her aid in getting him to the nearest hospital. When she came home to make a call to their parent, she found the letter on the ground and read it’s content.

Her brother’s girlfriend had broken up with him for two reasons: his joblessness, and her family wants her to get married as soon as possible; they succeeded in hooking her up with a man.

She invited Semn to her wedding, on the count that she loved him but her father would hear none of it. To conclude the letter, she wrote "I love you!"

How can you love someone and still break up with him? How can you love someone and not make sacrifices for your love?

“Truly, love is foolish!” Seruwa concluded before walking out of the house, and heading towards the hospital.



"Are you stupid?" agent Mann shouted at Mary death over the intercom.

"What came over you? I repeat, what took over your brains that made you lose focus?" he queried her.

“I tried my best, God knows. I never thought he could hug the woman, I didn't lost focus.” 

Mary death defended herself.

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Mann barked.

"What report do you want me to give?" he asked rhetorically. “That I worked with the best team yet we lost him... that the alleged world best ‘Mary Death’ couldn't kill with a single shot?”

Mary death was visibly angry, no one dared insult her personality. She flared up immediately;

"Enough of your stupid talks, Mann!" she shouted back. “If killing is that easy, why don't you do the killing yourself? Stop trading blames and get your fucked ass sited down.”

She added, "You lead this team and you failed; you’re to blame, not me."

"So you have the effrontery to reply me, right?” Mann asked, with much spitefulness.

"So far, you've turned around to insult me..." she replied. “I'm better than you; I've handled worst cases than you, and I’ve executed cases you’ve failed, so why complaining. If not...”

Agent Mann hang up; he had heard enough from his teammate. He prepared to face the heads of the corporation.

Early on Monday morning while preparing for work, he received an emergency message from a co-worker. He was a bit relieved when he read it. He doesn't have to face the heads of the corporation again, thanks to president Chris, who had silenced all of them when he was informed that they failed in their assassination attempt. Right there, he knew that new set of people would take over the corporation


With the help of Gen. Wood's friend who is a doctor, Skarley's mum was revived and they rushed her to the hospital where the bullet was removed. No major blood vessels were disrupted; the bullet lodged itself rightly under her scapula.

Gen Wood had to go back to the party and pretend as if everything was fine. Truly that night was very wonderful; all the invited guests enjoyed themselves.

Skarley and her brother stood by their mother while she was still unconscious. They had millions of questions to ask her.

The doctor had warned them severally not to disturb her, nor make her think too much because her blood pressure was on the ascendency. They obeyed the doctor’s instruction while waiting for when their mum would get fully healed to answer their questions.



Skarley received a message on her phone, informing her of the demise of the heads of corporation. She was shocked; she never thought the president would carry out his threats.

She was heartbroken; the head of her department was among the murdered heads of corporation. She vowed to avenge his death.

Sterling on the other hand had to pause his moderating job for a while. He handed over to another vibrant member, while he stayed with his mum throughout the difficult times. He patiently waited for her to recover fully.

Many a times, his mother had told them that they were fatherless, and their father’s family had rejected them when they were still young. She had obviously succeeded in diverting any questions related to their father.


Agent Larry was quick enough to pitch his tent with agent Skarley. First, he was there when Skarley's mum made that statement; he had worked with her many times and he found out that she was likeable. And also, his quest to avenge the death of his own boss who was also murdered.

He personally went to the headquarters of NSS to submit his resignation and that of Skarley’s. Since then, they began to watch each others back.

Larry moved into Skarley’s apartment after so much pressure from Sterling and their mum. Together, they planned to assassinate President Chris and his cohorts.

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