Closet of secret Ep. 8
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Closet of secret Ep. 8

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 12th Nov 2018

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President Chris was surprised when he heard of agent Larry and Skarley’s intentions to assassinate him; he was more stunned when he learnt that they had partnered with Gen Woods. He immediately placed an angry call to the new head of NSS, telling him to get both resigned agents dead, including his long time enemy - Gen. Woods.

Immediately, Mary Death and Mann were summoned by the head of the corporation; they were given the job of silencing the trio - agent Larry, agent Skarley and Gen. Wood.



My mother was discharged from the hospital two weeks later. On the day she was discharged, Sterling and Larry went to the hospital to bring her home while I made some few changes to the house, ensuring that it was well ventilated and perfumed.  

Next, I went to the kitchen to put finishing touches to my mother’s favourite meal, hoping Larry would come back soon to help me set the table. I can’t really explain, but I dot on Larry these days.

The door bell rang...

I jumped up happily;

“Yes, they have arrived!” I said aloud and walked to the door. I opened it and I almost got shocked at who was standing there.

“Come in!” I said barely audible to my hearing.

“Thank you!” he said, walking in majestically.

Gen. Wood had decided to pay us a visit on the day my mother was discharged.

“The last time I stepped into this place was when she told me she was three months pregnant,” he stated.

“And which baby was that?” I asked unconsciously. I hated myself immediately for being too straightforward.

“That baby was you,” he replied.

I pulled out my gun from the drawer where I was standing. I faced the nozzle at him; I was prepared to shot the man whom I hated all my life – Gen. Wood.




I was restive that bright Saturday morning. I had visited my wife twice at the hospital, under disguise and fear of falling into an enemy trap. Well, that’s the reward I had to pay for being wanted by criminals and their lords.

I longed to see my wife again. I was most anxious over my wife’s stay at the hospital; how long she might spent there, I had no idea. The thought of anything bad happening to her sent quivers down my spine.

Has she told my children how I begot them? Has she told them about any of my secrets? How will they accept me as their father without the press hearing of this issue?

All these got me hooked up. I visited the restroom twice; when I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to pay my children a visit.

I changed into something mild, entered my SUV and drove gently towards the house I had built for my wife. Upon getting there, I noticed the whole surrounding had changed; it looked more cleaner and cool.

I walked towards the doorpost. Right from that spot, a very scenting aroma of Egusi soup filled my nostrils. I inhaled deeply and knocked mildly. I heard a familiar footstep walking towards the door; Skarley.

She opened the door and amidst surprises, welcomed me in. She ushered me to a very comfortable seat. As I was about to pick out some sensitive points about her life, she pointed a gun at me.

I laughed heartily because from my vintage point, I could see clearly that there was no bullet in the gun. The fear I once harbored about her killing me dissolved completely; it was replaced by pride.

I walked towards her gently. She was surprised, or should I say she thought I was too brave? I took few steps closer. I could see the uneasiness in her eyes. I rounded her twice before breaking the silence;

“I know you wouldn’t shot me,” I said without a single drop of emotion in my voice.

“And what if I do?” she asked.

“I know you wouldn’t dare; you love your mother too much to hurt the only love of her life,” I said and stood rigid in front of her.

She looked confused. I jerked the gun away from her hand.

“Look, there is no bullet in this gun; I know that from Adam.” 

I said, almost laughing at my daughter’s foolishness of threatening someone with an empty gun.

The surprise on her face intensified. The next moment, she threw herself at me; she hugged me tightly to the extent that I nearly tripped over.

“Daughter, don’t choke your daddy,” I said, trying to catch some breath.

She detached herself slowly, then planted a planted a kiss on my cheeks.

“I miss you daddy,” she said while sniffing something.

“I miss you too,” I said while finding myself a seat.

“Let me put off the gas cooker, something is burning.”

I settled down on a sofa. A magazine under the center table caught my attention. I picked it up and flipped through the pages.

My daughter walked in few minutes later, holding a tray of Green Vodka and two empty glasses.

“Please manage this... mother would be back from the hospital soon. Your son and Larry had gone to bring her home.”

“Thank you!” I said while I tried to break the seal on the bottle.

“When precisely would they be back?” I asked.

She closed her eyes, trying to calculate the closest possible time for their arrival. She opened her eyes to say something, but she was interrupted by the horn of a car.

“I think they are back,” she said and walked towards the door.

I relaxed myself, waiting to see my wife hale and healthy.




I drove speedily to the hospital to get Skarley’s mother home after she was discharged few hours ago. I was happy to be there.

We stopped at the hospital garage and walked towards the ward. The receptionist directed us to the doctor’s office. We walked in; after the necessary pleasantries, he led us to her room.

We watched as the doctor took all the necessary last minute vitals and scribbled down something on a log book besides her bed. Sterling sat beside her and I watched as he fondled his mother’s hand. She smiled at him. How I wished my own mother wasn’t living in the United States!

“She is very fit now. Don’t stress her, let her be happy all the time, and don’t forget to remind her of her healthy routines,” the doctor said, facing Sterling.

“Thank you doctor,” Mrs. Wood replied.

“It’s our duty to treat, God does the healing!” the doctor replied.

“You might feel some numbness in your upper arm, don’t panic; it will wear off slowly,” the doctor concluded and walked us out of the ward.

Sterling decided to drive us home. Throughout the journey, we had some interesting conversations; our major responsibility was to ensure that Mrs. Wood had a youthful smile on her face.

Minutes later, we arrived home. We walked in carefully while Sterling stood at the rear, locking all security gadgets attached to the compound.

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