Just a taste Ep. 4
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Just a taste Ep. 4

By abfictionstories   14th Nov 2018
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Nadia: I gently slit my hand into my purse and handed a bundle of cash back to him.

"Thanks, you can keep the change."

Before he made another attempt, the woman on suit reappeared.

Of course, what she had to say was paramount, so all attention turned to her. I still noticed Daniel with my cornered eyes; he had his gaze fixed on me. Maybe he thinks I am one gullible girl he can cajole just like that.

"You will be given a ticket at the exit of this hall which would bear your room number; find your room and prepare for tomorrow."

Immediately she left the podium, I jumped up and hurried, thinking Daniel was behind me. Surprisingly, he wasn't. Whoa, what a relief!

I quickly picked my ticket and tried to locate my room.

You won't believe that I had to drag my bags all the way to the third floor; sweat dashed all over my body as I breathed so hard. When I finally got to my room, it was already opened.

I dropped my bags and peeped to make sure I wasn’t walking into a dead trap.


My heart left my chest; I almost lost my balance in shock, only to later discover it was the girl whose throat I had wanted to slit earlier on my way to Lagos.

"We meet again!"

Shit! No one told me I was going to have a roommate. She didn't seem scared of me this time around. I sighed. I really loved my privacy; I needed a really quiet environment to think my thoughts out. But just one look at this girl and I could tell she was a talented talkative. I was right; she kept on blabbing about heaven and earth. She asked why I gave her that malicious look on our journey to the academy.

"Oooohhh. You have no idea," I thought in my mind and settled quickly on my bed.

Thoughts of Daniel flooded my mind again. If only my tummy cooperated with me, I wouldn’t have faced such an embarrassment. I don’t even know if I would ever be able to face that guy again.

"Young woman, I gave you that look cos at that moment I felt like killing someone. And don't you underestimate me when it comes to murder!"

I warned my roommate, and it worked the magic; instantly, she became quiet and she ran to her bed. Thank goodness!

That night, lots of thought disturbed my sleep. Wilson, how could he? I imagined how he could even stay without calling to say ‘Hi’. How that dirty girl would be all over him now! And then my family, they must be searching all over for me; do they still think I’m running mad?

After chatting and watching lots of videos on my phone, I dozed off minutes past 1AM, as usual; that was the worse decision I had ever made in my entire life.

"Up! Up!! Rise and shine!"

I couldn't see clearly till a pail of water was emptied on me.

It was 4am! What are we rising for? To shine where?! Where is the sun?

"What is going on here? It's just 4am for God's sake!"

I lamented at the lady who wore a fancy one buttoned suit and a high heel. Who is she self?

"Slap yourself!"

My ears stood at attention position.

"Excuse me!? You emptied a pail on me, disturbed me from my precious sleep! And now you want me to slap myself? You must be mad!"

As I ranted in anger back and forth, she didn't say a word. My common sense didn't smite me, until she pressed a button on my doorpost and spoke into it;

"Security, someone just got expelled."

Jesus! Her words gained weight in my ears.  I fell to my knees immediately. It was very cold, but at that moment perspiration took charge over my forehead. Expelled!? God no!

I pleaded my eyes out; it was then I noticed my roommate wasn't even in the room.

After much pleading, she sent the security back and ordered me to follow her. Without hesitation, I changed into my shorts and Polo shirt as she had instructed and ran after her.

"What can you confidently cook well?"

A lady who was introduced as our supervisor asked every one of us. She was just a small girl; I should definitely be older than her - I was sure about this.

We were divided into groups, floor by floor. I was on the third floor, and the academy had six floors in all. You can imagine; of all the floors we had, Daniel had to be on the same floor with me.

"You, what can you confidently cook?"

This question startled me a bit; I was busy checking Daniel out as he threw winks at me. I noticed no one actually admitted they couldn't cook anything, and I didn't want to be the first.

Everyone picked one or two foods they could confidently prepare. To look the best, I replied with confidence;

"I can prepare anything!"

Daniel alone burst out laughing. That stupid boy, what was wrong with him?

"Madam knows-it-all; why not cook something for us today!"

He suggested. Despite my inner prayers to cast and bind this idea, the supervisor bought into it.

"I am Brenda, your supervisor; I would be listing lots of African dishes we would practice for this week. But before then, Madam Nadia, who can cook anything, will prepare a fruit salad for us."

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