Closet of secret Ep. 9
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Closet of secret Ep. 9

By OloladeWrites  Posted on 16th Nov 2018

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I stood up from my sit and walked to meet my wife. She gave me a light hug and I helped her to a nearby couch. She was full of smiles.

“Sterling, help your mother get a cup of water,” I said.

“My wife, I know I’ve offended you, please forgive me,” I said to her while I held onto her hands very tightly.

“You haven’t offended me in any way,” she said.

“I’ve offended you,” I insisted. “I deprived our children of their fatherly love; I wasn’t there when you needed me most. I was not there to witness our their happy moments.”

“I’ve forgiven you,” she said.

She dragged me closer and wept on my shoulder.

Skarley served us our meals and I stayed with my family till late in the evening before retiring to my house.



I resumed work in earnest. After I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor advised that I stay a few weeks at home as a precautionary measure.

My business was being managed by my secretary during the moments I wasn’t able to come to office. She really did a good job and I was proud of her, at least she was after my happiness.

I couldn’t attend the wedding of my ex girlfriend, my mother wouldn’t even hear of it.


Seruwa’s birthday was just two days away and I’ve got to buy her something beautiful. I left office earlier that usual and visited a nearby store. I visited different counters but I couldn’t find anything that would appeal to my beautiful sister.

“Can I be of help, sir?” an angelic voice spoke to me.

I turned around and I was dazed; the beautiful creature facing me seems to have descended from heaven.

She smiled.

“Uhm… No… Sorry… Yes….!” I stammered.

“I need birthday gifts for my kid sister and I’m confused on what to buy,” I said as fast as possible, almost choking.

“Okay, then you needs to visit the teens section then.”

“Would you mind accompanying me there?” I asked.

“My pleasure,” she said and led the way.

“I’m Semn,” I introduced myself while holding onto the shopping basket tightly.

“Elizabeth,” she replied. “I’m the owner of this place.”

“That’s nice, you must really be industrious to have somewhere this big.” I complemented.

She did most of the picking and one of her workers packaged the stuffs for me. I paid almost immediately. As I was about to leave, an idea struck me;

“This is my card, do give me a call,” I said, extending my business card to Elizabeth.

“I’ll try,” she said.

I walked out and I flagged down a bike which took me home.   




This mission seems tougher than I had expected. Why did my organization even send me here in the first place.

After the failed assassination attempt on Gen Wood, I planned on returning back to my country, only to be told that the mission isn’t yet complete. Two compound the problem, two other agents have been added to mu ‘kill-list’.

I contacted agent Mann with regards to how we would carry out the mission and we ended up fighting over the phone. So I decided to embark on this mission all by myself. After all, I’ve single-handed carried out far more dangerous missions in the past.

My pride got into my head. I failed to acknowledge the fact that I was not facing just any set of people; I failed to realise that these people are equally good, and are probably two steps ahead of me in their preparation.

Sluggishly, I walked into my doom.



I sat down on a bar stool, silently sipping my vodka from the tumbler in my hand. I need to clear my head this instant; only one thought filled my mind – agent Mary Death.

Truly, she can be a pain in the ass; “how come she’s so full of herself.”

“What did she take me for?” I asked myself. “Does she think she can just rub dirt on my face and walk away freely? I definitely need to teach her why she needs to respect male agents who are her superiors in this game.”

I finished the drink I had in my hands and gulped down another round. After consuming two bottles, I carried myself into my bedroom; dead drunk, I slept off instantly as my body touched the bed.



After I got healed, mother had to put me in another school; there, I finished my O’level education.

Something changed in me! Maybe the doctors who operated on me touched something in my brain, only God knows. I became a genius, a computer wizard. Twice I hacked deep into two different banks; I tampered with their accounts and even altered their database.

When mother’s disturbances became too much, I decided to enroll into MIT. My application was granted after I was able to meet their requirements, not forgetting those I’d fabricated.

I had high hopes that MIT would be the start of a new life.


At MIT, I was placed in a room of four, the other three guys were tech geeks too. Soon, we formed a close bond and we began to learn from each other.

By the end of second year, we built a drone, and we also hacked into the student portal to change the grades of one of our girlfriends’.

Five years later, I became a certified computer engineer.

On my way home from work one evening, a van parked beside me as I tried crossing to the other side, but I was already too late; three hefty men bundled me into the van. Before I could say ‘Jack Robinson’, I had already slept off.



I drove into my apartment late at night, grudgingly. I carried the few groceries I had packed from my mall and I walked slowly inside.

Kicking off my shoes, I landed on my bed. I dreamt of the guy who came to my mall today. Oh gracious! Semn, I recalled.

The next morning, I called him and we talked for close to thirty minutes before I headed to my mall.

He promised to pick me for dinner later that day.



I have been promoted to head of securities. The vice president, his aides and some other heads were involved in a plane crash; since I was the next capable candidate, I was elevated to that position.

Three weeks later, I received a strange mail from agent Mary Death, congratulating me on my promotion. She decided to pay me a visit later in the week.

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