Just a taste Ep. 18
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Just a taste Ep. 18

By abfictionstories   9th Dec 2018
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I shut my eyes and imagined I was still asleep; maybe I was in dream-land.

"Open your eyes, Nadia. It's me," he requested as he made an attempt to touch my hands.

I opened my eyes again. God, it was Wilson!

"Wilson? Wilson!"

I realized this was indeed a reality.

"Keep your voice down, Nadia," he tried to calm me down, but I wasn't ready to listen.

"Wilson! How did you...?” I paused for about five seconds before. “Wait! How did I get here? Did you kidnap me?"

He attempted to touch me but the flames burning in my whole system wouldn't let him.

"Don't you dare!"

I had to restrain myself from hitting him so hard. I couldn't believe myself. This was the same guy I swore to die for; now, I felt like slitting his throat.

"Nadia, will you calm down for a minute and listen?"

I was making things difficult for him; I had to temporarily pretend to be calm so he can explain how the hell I got there in the first place. 

DANIEL: My mum had called me up earlier in the day. She didn't reveal her reasons but it sounded so urgent. I received a text message on my phone the moment I got back to my room.

You won't believe I had to write a letter of permission. The authorities tried to delay with the approval. Mum called immediately when I relayed my plight to her, and the head manager had to escort me to the gate, still pleading for mercy. I wondered what my mum had told him.

I got to Lekki at about 5PM in the evening.

"Good evening sir! Good evening sir!"

Oh trust me; I’d missed all these glory. I smiled as I waved at everyone who bowed to greet their heir to the throne.

I got to my mum’s spacious office; she was seated as usual, going through those massive files. I always wondered what she finds so special in them.


She beamed with smiles as she let down her goggles to take a better look.

"You've grown big, my boy"

She stood up to hug me; I was way taller so I had to bend to reach her.

She inhaled deep and hugged me tight. It was obvious she really missed me. I missed her too.

After much gist, she digressed to the main reason;

"I want you to cook something for me. I want to be certain you are not wasting my money there. If you can't cook anything, I'll pull you out immediately."

At first, the word ‘pull you out’ sounded nice; it’s what I have desired from the start. Just as my smiles brimmed to the fullest, I remembered Nadia.

"What!? Cook!?"

I began to think of the damage.


NADIA: "I had to make arrangements with Brenda to bring you here. I have been searching for you since the day you left home," Wilson said.

This was getting deep. How did he get to know Brenda?

"You know Brenda? When? How?"

He didn't answer my question.

"That's not important; the important thing is, you are biting more than you can chew. I got the news that you are becoming a great cook. I must confess I underestimated you; but Nadia, getting involved with Serena is the most foolish step you took. She is evil and can't be trusted."

I watched his mouth as they confessed what I least expected.

"Who are you?"

I had to question. Is this Wilson? How did he know all of that? Has he been spying on me lately?

"Nadia, are you even listening to me at all?” he asked. “Anyway, that's not an issue; you’re going back home with me."

All along, I had been so calm to get all his intentions revealed, but his last words brought the tamed fire back.

"I'm what!? Are you for real? Are you OK? I think you are running mad! You kidnapped me, which I’m supposed to get you arrested for. And now you are ranting here, threatening to send me home? As what... My new God!? Who do you think you are?"

He covered the distance between us and grabbed my hand, "Your husband!"

My what?

I pushed him away with the last bit of strength I had.

"Ex husband…! You bastard!" I said and hurried to the door.

Two hefty men stood outside the door. I hit one of them in between his legs and scathed away, trying to find my way out. The place was a city of its own; it was a food plaza, bigger than anything I have ever seen in my life.

I could hear footsteps and deep baritones calling out my name. They were after me. I ran to a segment with the inscription ‘Kayode's kitchen’. Wait! Could it be that I am in Kayode's kitchen - the biggest food plaza in Africa? How come, and what is Wilson doing here with an office of his own?

I ran into the kitchen. It looked like a factory with hundreds of cooks who hardly paid any attention to me. They were all busy with one food or the other. The kitchen was well air conditioned and I was beginning to feel at home until I remembered I was being chased.

I ran forward into a room I found open. It was another kitchen, smaller than the other one, but all the equipment and facilities were intact. It was clear that no one used that kitchen that day; it would be a perfect place to hide.

Gladly, I heard the security pass by. I wanted to hurry out when the door suddenly opened. Someone came in. I was careful when I took a peek to see.

You wouldn't believe it! It was Daniel!

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