Just a taste Ep. 19
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Just a taste Ep. 19

By abfictionstories   12th Dec 2018
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NADIA: Should I call this guy my savior or my terminator. What is he doing here to begin with? Of all the places he could be, why did he choose to be here, at this time.

I began to have conflicted thoughts. Do I run to him for help or just stay at my hideout.

"God, I'm finished! What do I cook now?" e lamented.

Oops, it actually looked like he was in trouble too. As I tried to muster courage and announce my presence, the sole owner of Kayode’s kitchen walked in. My heart throbbed against my chest when I saw Mrs. Olutayo Titlayo in flesh and blood. My eyes went wide; how did Daniel become this close to this woman?

"My boy, what will you prepare for me?" Mr.s Olutayo asked.

Jeez, they are indeed close. If not for the spacious kitchen, they would have noticed my presence.

"Mum, please go back to your office and allow me to prepare the dish. If you seat here watching me, I might get confused. You know that already, don’t you?”

His reply gained some weight in my ears. Daniel is the only son of Kayode's kitchen? I should have known that from his name: Daniel Olutayo. I began to regret my hard attitude towards him. I didn't even know if I could face him again.

"OK, whatever you say. But I'll be back in 30 minutes to check on you. I have a meeting to attend today so you need to hasten,” she said and left.

I could see he clearly needed help. As compensation and equally a way to help myself, I came out of my hideout and questioned;

"Do you need help? I can help you if you don’t mind."

He was startled till he threw the frying pan he held in his hands.


DANIEL: My whole world was about to crumble. Why in the world would mum want me to cook? I had never paid attention to anything that Brenda taught us; the only thing I did in class was to throw winks at both Brenda and Nadia. That’s all I did. I never imagined I would have to face this nightmare someday. If I failed this test, my competency to shoulder the throne would be questioned.

In my deepest doom, my savior, or perhaps my terminator, showed up from nowhere. If my mother sees her here, I’ll be in big trouble.

"What the...! Nadia…!"

She smiled with her hands crossed at her back; there was no time to ask too much questions.

"We would talk about this later. Get over here quickly," I said.

She drew a bit closer and got the pans ready.

"Is there any vegetable I can...?

I didn't let her drop the words; I opened a cupboard stocked with all kinds of vegetables.

"What are you preparing?"

She looked back at me, "Honestly, I don't even know; but you have to trust me."

The manner in which my eyes went wide explained that I wasn’t ready to put this on the line.

"Nadia, can you please cook something that has a name?”

NADIA: His question almost made me laugh, but I had to swallow it up. This was a serious issue, laughter wasn’t required at the moment.

"Daniel, you have to trust me!"

For a moment, calling him Daniel felt awkward, especially now that I was fully aware of his social status.

I chopped some carrots, cabbage, green pea, green pepper, sweet corn, with egg, Added one cube of Maggi and a pinch of salt.

"There are toasted chickens in the fridge," he announced.

That’s good news! I picked 5 laps, placed them in the oven for about 3 minutes to defrost and warm up; afterwards, I shredded them into the vegetables, dropped some oil to the palm and steamed up together.

While steaming, I added thyme and a pinch of Benny stock. The aroma was making him salivate. I could clearly see that. Minutes later, it was ready.

I hurried back to the fridge and took out a loaf of bread. I heated it up in the oven, slit it open and divided the sauce I made into two parts. I poured the first part into the bread. There was no time to use a toaster. I poured oil into the frying pan and deeped the bread in it. With my big spoon, I compressed it till it was a bit flat.

When the toasted bread was finally ready, I got some juice from the fridge and served along side the chicken salad I had prepared earlier.

"Taste it!"

Without hesitation, he quickly tasted the chicken salad; I guess he had been waiting for the word.


DANIEL: "God, I’ll marry you!"

I didn't know when these words escaped from my mouth. I can't let this kind of woman pass me by. Never!

I could hear my mum's footsteps few meters away from the door; thank God she put on heels.

"Quickly, hide!" I said to Nadia.

The moment my mum entered the kitchen, she brimmed with smiles as she sniffed;

"Wow, I’m salivating already, Daniel. The Aroma is something else. What's the name of the dish you prepared?"

I began to stammer; Nadia didn't even have a name for it herself.

"Mum, I just invented it few minutes ago."

"You mean you made your own dish? It takes a great cook to do that."

She hugged me tight again, before she sat down to eat. She cleaned the plate without giving me access to even sip the juice.

"Mum, come on!"

I lamented. This is punishment.

Despite my entire strategic plea, she wiped the plate clean.

She sighed in satisfaction and attempted to stand but staggered a little.

"Daniel, I think I will need to sleep over this food. Tell the cashier to refill your debit cards with a million each."

NADIA: Can you imagine Daniel taking all the glory to himself? No wahala sha.

I was fascinated by the way Mrs. Olutayo offered the one million like ‘Tom-Tom sweet’; it was something else. Not just for one account, she used the word ‘each’.

As soon as she stepped out, I came out of hiding.

“How do I get out of here?" I questioned.

I didn't let him reply.

“Please give me your phone,” I added.

I needed to call Joyce. I’m sure Wilson had taken my phone while I was still unconscious.

"Damn you Wilson!" I said aloud.

Daniel couldn’t stop thanking me; he asked how I got there. As soon as he heard me mention Wilson, he asked;

"Wait! Which Wilson are you talking about? Was he the one who brought you here?"

I screwed through his phone to look for Joyce’s number -  he had assured me earlier that he had the contact - how he got it still remained a mystery.

It felt embarrassing talking about Wilson; he’s part of my past now.

“It’s nothing,” I replied.

"No, you need to describe this Wilson. Is he tall? Broad? Carries skin cut?"

The more I nodded, the more his tone increased, until I was forced to ask;

"Why all these questions?"

He replied, "Because, Wilson is my evil uncle!"

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