Just a taste Ep. 20
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Just a taste Ep. 20

By Abfictionstories   12th Dec 2018
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NADIA: His words reverberated in my ears. You know that moment when you don't even know what to think for the first two minutes? My head was not spinning any signal. What was he saying?

"And when I mean uncle, I mean evil uncle.” He added, “They are after my life and my right to this company."

How ridiculous! It sounded so strange to hear such things about the man I’d dated for the past four years; same man who had showered me with love; same individual who had appeared so simple and true for all these years. Why is this guy trying to crucify and paint him black?

"Daniel, you don’t know what you are talking about. Wilson is not like that," I finally spoke out after a long pause.

I avoided his eyes so he wouldn’t notice I had a thing for Wilson.

"He is not like what...?” He asked. 

“Nadia I am telling you that my uncle is evil and you are...” He swallowed the rest of his statement and began a new one, “Wait! Who is he to you? Why did he bring you here?"

God knows I was trying to keep calm. I replied with a dry tone, gesticulating at the time;

"Joyce is not picking up. How do I get back to the Academy?"

I switched topic immediately.

"You've not told me how..."

He didn’t drop the remaining words before the guys who had been chasing after me reappeared.

"Sir! The manager wants her," one of them said.

I quickly withdrew to his back and held his waist like one scared kid. At first, he looked back at me, into my eyes to understand my language. He soothed my hands on his waist and turned to the security;

"She is with me!"

"But sir..."

He didn't talk much; the look he shot at them made them apologise till they were out of sight.

"Nadia, spill the bean now! What does my uncle want from you?"

His demeanour changed. I gently removed my hands from his waist and tried to pace but it dawned on me that I wasn't familiar with the environment.

"Nadia, have you been seeing my uncle?"

I stood behind him, so he didn’t notice when I shut my eyes and sighed to calm my nerves.

"Wait! Have you been seeing him? Like seriously? Are you really like that? What did he offer you? Huh!? Money...?”

He asked all these questions at once.

I turned and opened my mouth to speak but my emotions had to shut it up. Where do I start from? How do I explain to him that I was once married to his uncle, only to be divorced after a week because I was a terrible cook? How do I explain that I didn’t know much about the only man who had explored my pride.

"Daniel, you won't understand. Let's just get out of here."

Tears were welling up in my eyes already; I didn't want him to notice. I attempted to walk pass him but he wouldn't let me. He caught me by the arm and held me back.


I bowed my head; my hair covered the tears streaming down my face.


DANIEL: Nadia was testing my patience; oh! she was really testing me. Maybe she has been planning with my uncle to kill me, or maybe she has been seeing him for real? I could tell with just a single look that she had something for him; yet, she chose to swallow it up.

She attempted to walk pass me but I was quick to hold her back.

"You want to hear Daniel?"

She finally turned. A dot of the tears that beamed in her eyes splashed on my cheeks. My heart melted.

"You wanna hear, huh? Good! Wilson kidnapped me! And that's not all; we dated for 4years... I got married to him and it ended within a week, because I could not cook. There, you have it now!"

My initial wrath melted. The guilt that overwhelmed me was enormous. I could not look at her anymore. How do I even tell her that my uncle has been married with kids for over fifteen years, and that his children are living in Germany?

"It's embarrassing to know that you don’t even know the man you gave everything to; till now, he still has the power to hurt you. Now, you can't even look at me."

She bent her head in tears.

I didn’t mean to hurt her in any way; it was just the feeling of guilt.

"Nadia, I just wanted to...”

She didn't let me land, "Daniel, please let's just get out of here."

NADIA: I needed to be left alone for a while. I felt so ashamed of myself. I got divorced because I couldn't cook. The man I thought I knew very well deceived me these whole time. You wouldn't believe that I financed our wedding; that would surprise you. He claimed he was Jobless; now I got to know he is the manager of Kayode's kitchen. I was helplessly in love with him.

I clothed this bastard for years and even bragged to my friends that he bought me all the jewelries that I used. How embarrassing! Daniel was even making matters worst.

I felt pretty much uncomfortable until Joyce called to even add more tension;

"Nadia, where are you? Hurry back to the academy! Brenda signed you up for an in-house competition. She has informed the board that you are reluctant to participate. Nadia, if you don't come back quickly, it would be confirmed that you disobeyed your supervisor. And Nadia, you would be expelled!"

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