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CHISIMDI EZEOKE  13th Dec 2018
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She followed him immediately he came out of his car. She wanted to make sure that he is the person she had in mind. She called out his name just to be sure.


He turned and was surprised at the face he saw standing in front of him. For a moment, he was astonished that he could do nothing but gape at her. She wore a purple suit and a matching skirt that emphasized her wide waist.

“Leslie!” he said softly. Their eyes were locked up.

She allowed herself into his arms that were already spread apart, burying her face against his shoulders. She marveled at how much at home she still felt in his arms. It has been fifteen years since she last saw him; she could vividly remember what happened the last time she saw him.  

Fifteen years ago, Dodo and Leslie were an item. Though they can’t really tell how their relationship started, they were great friends, always admired by the whole school. He would always tell her that he will marry her when they come of age.

The morning after their WAEC result came out, it was confirmed that they had both passed. Everything looked peaceful until Dodo said he wanted to show her something.

He took her to his house; his parents had gone to work. With a smile at the corner of his lips, he gave her a white envelope which bore the insignia of the British embassy. Initially, she was reluctant in collecting the envelope.

“Open it!” Dodo said in a steady voice while making a grimy face.

Leslie drew a breath that sent her bangs muttering. She opened the envelope and tried to get every word on it. Immediately, she threw herself on him and hugged him tightly. Her firm perfectly round breast pressed against his chest. And for some seconds, they were linked that way.

Her cheerful mood changed immediately, and with a shrug she freed herself from his hold.

“When are you leaving?” She asked him reproachfully.

“Next week,” he said softly.


She sat at the arm chair in his room, still holding the letter, giving him a sad look.

Dodo would spend the rest of the time he had to cuddle and console her. He promised to send messages across on daily basis. But that left Leslie sadder.

When she was ready to go, Dodo accompanied her to the door.

“Look at me!” he said softly to her.

She raised her head and gave him a long speculative look.

He immediately planted a kiss on her lips and could sense her strong feminine scent. Though Leslie had expected that moment, she was surprised when it happened. He looked into her eyes, dark and moist. He could sense the longing passion between them. Both moved closer to each other. She let her eye roam over his body and could sense the movement of his biceps. Dodo pulled her into his arms and kissed her, this time pulling his tongue into hers, making quick groaning noises. The next few seconds went by swiftly and peacefully.

After fifteen years hiatus, they were together again. Those fifteen years might as well been a hundred, but the absence was now less important. What mattered for them was that very moment, and they hoped to pull a string out of it

“How are you?” he asked with a smile pulled at the corners of his lips.

“Are you happy?” he added as if confused on what to ask again.

She blushed with pleasure.

“I am happy,” she replied with her eye fixed on his clean-cut profile.

“That’s all that matters,” he concluded while giving her hands a little squeeze; a gesture that reminded her of their younger days. He felt the ring on her third finger.

“And you?”

“Alive!” he said smilingly, hugging her again. She shifted her weight on one foot while raising the other.

They chatted and laughed. For a moment, they created a world of their own where they told the stories of their past. The whole wide world went silent and whistled to them in admiration; but perhaps, that wouldn’t last long as a small boy of about ten years old came to them and tapped Dodo on the back. Dodo bent a little to hear what the boy had to say; he whispered into Dodo’s ear….

“Father, it’s time for mass!”


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Kofiposted on 13th Dec 2018 07:08:02

Interesting story. Good to see how it connected from start to end.

Only time

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