Just a taste Ep. 23
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Just a taste Ep. 23

By Abel Onyeneke   25th Dec 2018
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NADIA: I was so devastated; every other word he said didn’t make sense to me at all. I quickly found a place to sit and think. 

"Nadia, I know this isn't going well, but we've got to make plans."

I heard that one.


He wanted to say something else but I wasn’t ready to listen. I stood up and found my way back to my crew.


He called.

"Daniel, please not now. I need to get my head straight!"

I didn't care if I sounded rude or not. I walked passed my crew and headed straight to my room. Joyce followed.

"What's up?" she asked.

I contemplated on the volume of the embarrassment before I finally explained.

"Wilson and Brenda got married in Germany, although I didn't attend the wedding ceremony," Joyce confirmed.

"Daniel said we should have a plan or something like that..."

I said, thinking Joyce would support and spurn the idea.

"He's right; something doesn’t play well here. If we don't want to be taken by surprise, we ought to have a plan too."

DANIEL: Nadia and Joyce sought after me later on to really understand what was at stake.

"Listen, I am the heir to Kayode's kitchen."

Joyce opened her mouth wide; Nadia had to help her shut it up before any stray fly decides to find refuge in it.

"Brenda knows about this. Wilson on the other hand has been after the throne since day one."

"So both husband and wife want to sit on the throne of the head kitchen in Africa?” Joyce asked. “Once Brenda gets on that seat, she will control everything, including this academy too."

I didn't understand her statements; Nadia had same questionable expressions written all over her face too.

"What do you mean?"

Nadia broke the silence with this question.

"Seriously? You don't know? All other food plazas and eateries answers to Kayode's kitchen. My mother can explain best."

She added, "If Brenda gets there, we are all finished."

Joyce made it sound like it was the end of the world.

"Then I don't think I should be in this academy,” I said. “I need to go back to my company so that my eyes can reach every loophole.”

Joyce didn't support me on that; in fact, she slashed my bubbles;

"No offense, but I guess your mum sent you here because you have a lot to learn. If you don't learn quick enough, your uncle will prove to everyone that he is more capable."


NADIA: Daniel got up from where he sat; Joyce wasn’t saying anything positive to encourage him.

"Joyce, say something nice," I whispered into her ear and acted like nothing really happened when Daniel noticed us.

"For now, we would be seeing much of Brenda," Joyce said.

“We’ve been promoted to another grade so I’m sure we will have another supervisor," I corrected, just in case Joyce had forgotten.

She scoffed at it.

"Yeah, we are supposed to, but Brenda has an Interest in the three of us. My guess is, she will follow up."

Daniel wasn’t getting any possible solution to his present issue.

"OK! OK! Enough... We've been discussing on what our enemies are capable of doing; what can we do to counter their advances?"

We both locked eyes on Joyce.

"Why are you both looking at me?"

She frowned.

"I’m not some kind of savior, am I?"

Without uttering a word, we both stared.

"OK! There you go! Daniel, you would have to reveal your real identity to everyone.”

Joyce said.

Daniel wasn't comfortable with this idea.

"Listen! My mum has warned me not to reveal my identity to anyone."

Joyce interjected;

"Your mum? I doubt. Your uncle's might have suggested, and she bought into it. I mean why would she want you to keep your identity a secret? In exception of your family and the employees at Kayode’s kitchen, no one else knows you are the heir. Your uncle has succeeded in taking the spotlight in the media. I've only heard of the heir; no news reports, no pictures. Your uncle's pictures are all over. Don't you get it? The world sees your uncle as the heir already. You have to step out of the shadows now, starting from today, in this academy."

She turned to me;

"Nadia, Brenda will be on your tail now. By all means, never prepare any dish in class, regardless of the magnitude of insults she rains on you. She wants to steal your recipes; save them for the competitions."

It felt like Joyce was the leader of my supposed gang, but then she slut in one important detail;

"One last thing; there is a traitor in our midst."

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