Just a taste Ep. 25
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Just a taste Ep. 25

By Abel Onyeneke   27th Dec 2018
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NADIA: Just like the title of my story, I had a taste of everything life could possibly offer: The good, the bad, the funny and the ugly; I can't tell you how it ended without taking you through the journey.

Our enemies began to prove to us that they were smart, probably smarter than what we had presumed.

"Joyce!" Daniel screamed on top of his voice.

"Don't scream, ssshh!!!" I cautioned.

I quickly rushed her to the room and mount pressure on her.

"We have to get the cherries out of her system, else she will die,” I said to Daniel.

"Then let's take her to the hospital," Daniel quickly suggested.

"Wait! No one must know about this, Daniel. No one! Please, is there someone who can be of help?"

Daniel thought carefully before he responded;

"OK! Our family doctor. I can get him here."

That was great. He dashed out. I tried to resuscitate her, but to no avail. Minutes later, her pulse began to grow weaker and weaker.

My heart left my chest. An array of strange thoughts began to flood my mind; if anything should happen to her, I’m gone; like I am finished. All these Nigerian police that can compromised for just 20 Naira; Brenda would surely rope me up. I rushed to my medical kit to see if by chance something special had appeared. Nothing; it was the same items I had.

I called Daniel on his phone; he didn’t answer.


I swear I could have collapsed, but Daniel saved the day. He showed up with the man and his facilities.

We both stepped aside and prayed so hard in our minds. Daniel reached for my hands and held it. I glared at him with a frown on my face.

"What?” he asked. “We need each other to calm our nerves."

That was his excuse.

"So my hand is now your nerves calmer?"

He raised his eyes to heaven and sighed, "Nadia, be romantic for once."

His words sounded like ‘butter kola’. Wait, I could actually taste that.

"Romantic what?"

I withdrew my hand.

"This was not supposed to get you angry nah, it's just romance. Or it seems you are really bad at it. I can teach you if you want."

I was about to say something but Joyce sneezed. We both rushed to her aid.

"Allow her to rest; you can talk to her tomorrow."

The doctor advised.

"It's getting late, Daniel. Why don't you show the doctor out?"

I said, making sure he understood that I wanted him out of my room. He only smiled back and whispered;

"It hurts right? To know you are not... Okay, let me not say the word."

I was burning. I shut my eyes and bit my lips till I was sure he was out of sight. Minutes later, my phone rang. It was Wilson. Although I had deleted his contact, I could still remember his number, even in my dreams.

My heart let out a deep beat, and throbbed faster. I held the phone in my hands, contemplating whether to pick or bounce the call. The call ended. I sighed in relief thinking it was all over, but he called again, and again, and again.

His persistent calls became much of a torment; I had to switch my phone off. Hours later, I heard a knock on my door. It must be Daniel; I wondered what he was doing here.

"Daniel, what...!?"

My tongue got stuck. His size had not changed, neither had his beard. He had grown much broader. Wilson stood before me, with his dark shades and Tuxedo.

"Hello love!" he said.


DANIEL: I hurried back to my room after I had succeeded in helping the doctor out. Thank God everyone knew who I was now. The security man worshipped me, so it wasn't hard to get the doctor in and out of the academy.

"Hey Daniel... Hi Daniel...!"

The greetings were becoming too much alarming. In exception of my roommates, everyone else bowed to me.

"For your mind abi, the new king..."

Akin said when I entered the room.

"Yes nah; nah only you no dey greet me here."

He laughed.

"You? Who you help?"

My reply was cut short when my phone rang. It was my mother.

My mind told me just one thing: she must have found out that I exposed my identity to the public. My eyes went wide. I didn't answer the phone.

"Who be that?"

Akin questioned, picking his teeth with a toothpick.

"My friend, mind your business... Idiot!"

"The babe wey you don blow abi?"

This Akin self…

My phone rang again; but this time, it was my mother's personal assistant. I quickly answered. Whenever he called, it meant trouble.

His voice was shaky and I strained my ears to pick what he said.

"Sir, I have been keeping this to myself for a while now because madam doesn't want me to tell you, but it's getting out of hand. Madam's health is depreciating everyday, plus she is developing partial blindness."

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