Just a taste Ep. 26
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Just a taste Ep. 26

By Abel Onyeneke   27th Dec 2018
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DANIEL: For some unexpected reason, my heart missed a beat. I was careful in my attempt to feign like the call I had received wasn’t something serious.

He ended the call as soon as he dropped the word.

"Wetin happen? She don get belle?"

Akin wasn't making any sense with his statements at all.

I found somewhere to sit and allow the news sink well.

“Wilson is slowly poisoning my mother; Brenda is doing same to her father. Not only do they want the throne to Kayode’s kitchen, they want that of the academy as well,” I thought to myself.

"OK! It seems this is something serious," Akin understood now.

I tried to calm myself and think. First, I have to get to Kayode's kitchen.

NADIA: The words in my mouth were failing and I hated myself for it. I felt stupid after all my initial anger towards him; yet, here he stood with confidence, and my walls were crumbling.

He let himself in when I wasn't saying anything. I noticed his two guards standing on each side of my door.

My tongue loosened up almost immediately.

"What are you doing here, Wilson? What do you want from me?"

He chuckled when he saw Joyce on drip.

"Sara, this would have been you," he said and attempted to remove the drip from its position; he’s fully aware that I would gladly kill him if he does.

"Don't you dare!"

He has come to realise over the last four years that once I use such language, it means war. He respected himself.

"Nadia, I gave you the opportunity to go back to your peaceful life. Here I am, still offering you the same opportunity. Nadia, go home, and save yourself. Stop involving yourself in issues that does not concern you.”

I knew he was expecting a positive response; but instead, I asked a question, one that really hurts my soul, one he least expected:

"Wilson, you had a wife all these while and you still went ahead to marry me?"

I could see the shock on his face.

"You lied to me, Wilson. You used me!"

He remained quiet for a while before he moved a little forward to cover the distance between us.

"That's not the issue now; the issue is..."

I interrupted his statement with a slap on his face;

"Bastard…! You cheat!"

He raised his hand to retaliate. The Wilson I knew would never think of such a thing; another reason to believe that I had been fooled.

Joyce interrupted when she sneezed in her sub-consciousness.

"Don't you ever raise your hands on me again!" That was all he could say.

"Wilson, you had sex with me; I gave you my virginity; I consecrated everything to you.”

He was getting bored with my hurt.

"Ohhhh God. What's all this. Would you deny you didn't enjoy it?” he asked. “We were both pleasing each other and then you decided to rope me into marriage. To me, we were simply bedmates."

My heart sank. Tears didn't just drop, but exploded through my eyes.

He reached for me, held my hands and covered my nose with his sedated handkerchief. I was too weak to fight back. Slowly, I lost consciousness, till I saw nothing.


DANIEL: There was no way I could steal into the plaza without everyone noticing my presence; but I was able to instruct a good number of people to keep my presence a secret from Wilson. I needed the time to figure this out.

She lay on the sofa in her office, looking so pale. Fear and anger engulfed me.

"Where is her coffee cup?

I asked Churchill, her assistant.

He quickly brought it out. It was there, it had been confirmed: Little dots of lotus flower.

I bounced out of her office and went straight to Wilson’s office.

NADIA: I regained consciousness when we were about to enter his office.

“What the...” I paused in between my statement. “Wilson!? Somebody help!!!"

"Put her down!"

A voice commanded; it was Daniel. I could see the burns in his eyes as he approached.

He covered the distance in no time and spoke out authoritatively;

"Give her to me!"

He ordered Wilson's security men. They attempted to reply his orders.

"They won't dare, she is mine!" Wilson said.

They withdrew me back.

I observed there was something else he wanted to say, but he stopped himself. He picked his phone and made a call.

"Terminate security O'level 1."

Instantly, the electronic card of that particular security beeped from green to red.

"You are fired!"

Daniel broke the news.

Within seconds, they released me to him. The unfortunate one pleased his eyes out, but it was rather too late for him.

Wilson laughed, but it wasn't genuine.

"We both know your present glory would soon end, Daniel."

His abash words were just what I was expecting. Daniel stopped halfway with my hands safely tucked into his, "Well, we would see about that. For now, I am the king, and you bow to me."

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