Just a taste Ep. 27
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Just a taste Ep. 27

By Abel Onyeneke   27th Dec 2018
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NADIA: Without a prophet to prophecy, I knew the battle line has been drawn. Wilson raged in anger, I could clearly see it. Daniel had humiliated him. And for one thing I know, what he hates the most is humiliation. He values his pride, and Daniel had crushed it.

For a moment, I began to think of dropping out of the academy, and go back to my peaceful life, as Wilson had suggested; free from all these struggles and battles for the throne. But then, I had a new mission: They can fight and battle all they want; my sole aim was to make Wilson hurt too. I was going to make him pay for every single pain he had caused me. If it means bowing to Daniel and kissing his feet everyday, I was ready to do it.

I tailed Daniel from behind till he got to his office; ten times bigger and more spacious than that of Wilson’s.

"Get me the cup," he ordered.

I was still trying to understand what was going on; I had never seen him in such rage before. He was actually pensive and way matured now.

"They've been poisoning my mum, the same way they've been poisoning the president."

My eyes went wide. I took the cup for inspection.

"Okay Daniel, we can tackle this in a way that no one else will know. See, if we raise an alarm, they will surely kill her for sure. And this time, faster than expected. So here is what's going to happen: We will let them believe their plan still works. You would have to tell mummy about this, so she can feign the attitude of being fully blind. The medications to cure her ailment would be exchanged for the supposed poison that is served her every morning. Eventually, when the time is right, we would have enough evidence to knock them down."

They were both quiet when I was done, both Daniel and the middle aged man Daniel had introduced as his mother's personal assistant.

“This is brilliant!”

The man was first to comment. I didn't catch his name though, it was rather too complex.

Daniel only smiled, but I knew he was proud of me.


We got that part temporarily under control. After much persuasion and consultations with the family doctor who actually diversified the extent of damage, Mrs. Olutayo finally agreed to follow up with the plan.

"We should have a plan of our own, both of us."

Daniel said on our way back to the academy.

“What’s that?"

I questioned. He snapped me out of my reverie.

"Wilson still has a soft spot for you. Else he won't be so keen on sending you back home. Think about it. He had to come to the hostel himself since his last attempt failed."

I got his point, and what he had in mind too; but I wanted him to spit it out first.

"So?" I asked.

He didn't look at me when he replied;

"So we pretend we are dating, and actually planning to get married."

Although, it was what I expected; my heart still let out a beat.

"What do we plan to achieve with this, Daniel?"

"A jealous man can become unreasonable to reveal his intended plans, or quicken it ahead of time."

I didn't mean to spite his idea, but i wasn't ready for any commitment, whether fake or real. I’ve had enough with men.

"It's a cool idea but I can't do that, Daniel. I'm sorry!"

I didn't look at his face to know how he took my reply. The rest of the journey was thrown into an awkward silence.


DANIEL: My idea was brilliant. I had wanted to kill two birds with a stone: First, get Nadia to fall for me, and then get my uncle jealous. I was expecting her to agree to it right away, but it turned out to be the opposite.

We arrived just in time to meet Joyce awake. She sat on her bed with her head bowed.

"Joyce, how are you feeling?" Nadia asked as soon as she entered.

Joyce was still pale and weak.

"Nadia, I know who the traitor is now,” Joyce finally spoke out. “But first of all, tell me everything that happened while I was unconscious."

Without hesitation, Nadia spilled all that happened, including our intended plans. She had wanted to leave out my own suggestion, but I chipped it in.

"Actually, it's a good idea; it'll cause issues between husband and wife, which would be a bonus to us," Joyce said.

I smiled to my deepest satisfaction.

"First, the whole school needs to know you are both dating. Daniel, you've got your uncle hooked up on Facebook and WhatApp, don’t you?"

I nodded. Whatever she was saying seemed just like sugar to my tea.

"Good, both of you need to take pictures, good romantic ones. Tag your uncle on Facebook if you must; if you've got Brenda in your friend’s list, tag her too."

I could see Nadia was quite uncomfortable with the conversation; she butts in.

"Joyce, who is the traitor?"

Joyce didn't hesitate before she gave a quick reply, "Sharon! She inserted cherries in my pizza."

Nadia frowned.

"But I gave you the pizza myself!" Nadia corrected.

Joyce was about to explain further when Brenda barged in. The door wasn't locked so she had free access. The first words that graced her lips were questionable;

"Oh, so Joyce still lives!?"

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