Just a taste Ep. 32
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Just a taste Ep. 32

By abfictionstories   18th Jan 2019
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NADIA: "These are all lies; I can't be deceived by all these crap, Wilson."

I spurned his words, although a part of me still gave me a hit that it was all true.

"If you need proof, then here it is. I brought it along with me."

He placed his hands on his waist as he extended the divorce papers, staring at me as if he had been waiting for my emotions to betray me. With shaky hands, I glanced through the documents.

"The seal is fake: There is nothing like 'idemudia solicitors',” he teased.

“Why all these now? What do you stand to gain? I don't love you anymore, so what's the point of all these crap? Why didn't you divorce me like you always wanted?"

He snatched the papers from my hands and tore it before my own eyes.

"I didn't want to divorce you ok? I did it for my mother. If only you stayed around for a while, this wouldn't have happened; you would have moved back to the house."

"Wilson, are you OK? You are married to Brenda; what do you take me for? You expect me to become your second wife or what!?"

I couldn't believe the nonsense he was pouring out. I attempted to walk away but he drew me back and tried to place his lips on mine; I was quick to push him away and land my fist on his face.

"Bastard…!" I clenched out, trying to catch my breath.

"Let's see how Daniel takes this," he said.

"I'll tell him you faked everything, so don't bother at all."

His scornful laughter made me wonder if he was running mad.

"Do you know why Daniel became a flirt?” he asked. “Because his first love did similar thing to him; she was married, but left her husband for him. Three days to their wedding, she reunited with her husband. You should have been here to see the look on Daniel’s face. Do you think he will believe you when you tell him all these trash? Let me go and tell him myself!”

I imagined the extent of damage he will cause if he proceeded with his idea.

"No, no, no. Stop!"

I drew him back and accepted defeat.

"What do you want?"

"Now you are talking, love. You can go for now; I’ll call on you when I need you to do something for me. Go on! Run to your lover boy.”

My legs were wobbling as I walked back to Daniel. As I approached him, I watched how he clenched his teeth and gesticulated at his wrist watch; how his side beards fit him so perfectly, his lips, his brown eyes. God, I was falling for him already.

I stopped halfway, a tear escaped from my eyes. He turned and caught me before I tried to wipe the tears of my face.

"Hey, what’s wrong? Are you feeling well? Is it the food?"

I opened my mouth to speak but I remembered the things Wilson's said to me. I had to tell lies immediately;

"I just remembered my late uncle. Can we go back please?"

I instantly realised that I didn't even have an uncle to begin with; there’s no way he would known nah.

"Ok, ok."

He carefully lead me out till we got to the academy. I heaped upon my lies;

"My uncle was sick with diabetes for four years. He took care of me from childhood. There was one time when things were hard for my family, but he took charge and sent me to school."

It was at this point that I realised women are very much talented when it comes to telling lies.

God forgive me.


DANIEL: We got a new supervisor; Brenda was demoted to teach grade 1, where she originally belonged. Joyce on the other hand was tasked with serving tea to the president each morning, along with his medications. As for Sharon – the traitor – we got her nailed.

"There is no point denying it Sharon, we caught you red-handed."

We cornered her after the day's lesson. When she noticed there was nothing else to say in her defense, she calmly admitted.

"It was me. I'm sorry. Brenda threatened to blow out my secret if I didn’t do it. She caught me using drugs, so she used it as a bargaining chip."

"You'll keep working for her; be our spy and we'll consider forgiving you and keep you in our crew."

Joyce spoke the mind of the whole crew. I wasn't a member though, but it seemed they treated me as one of their own.

We got the whole situation under control; our enemies were on their knees, or so we thought.

Something else bothered my mind: Nadia began to distant herself from me ever since the day I took her out. What did I do wrong? The food was good nah! Or was it the rest room? Cos her attitude changed the moment she came out of there.

NADIA: I followed Joyce to the hospital. Serena was awake by the time we got there; we were so glad to see her. Promotion exams was a week away, and this time around, it was purely theory. She told us of a place where she had kept all the possible questions that could come in the examinations, so we could read ahead.

"I'm fine Joyce, believe me, I'm fine," Serena said, in a bid to calm Joyce down.

Joyce wouldn't leave Serena’s side until she was asleep. I noticed Mrs. Olutayo staring from the tainted glass, but she didn't come in.

"Joyce, there is trouble."

I opened up to her; it was killing me on the inside. Her mouth stood agape when I was through narrating my ordeal to her.

"This is not good. Has he revealed what he wants?"

I shook my head.

"Nadia, we have not won this war yet. They are planning something new."

I agreed with what she said, but I had to keep our hopes up;

"We have a slight advantage; Mrs. Olutayo is on our side."

"Yes! We have her!"

Calm was restored in our hearts, until Daniel broke the heavy news the next day;


He called, his voice trembling.

"My mother had an accident; the car and everyone in it were burnt beyond recognition."

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