Just a taste Ep. 34
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Just a taste Ep. 34

By abfictionstories   22nd Jan 2019
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DANIEL: I could see Nadia from my mother's office. I could see how she struggled to get through; and then I noticed her go bizarre over a phone call. I wasn’t ready to listen to whatever she had to say at that moment; I found out that she was someone else’s wife; Wilson.

Three hours earlier, I rushed to my mother's office to search for all the original documents that proved ownership, and my inheritance; but unfortunately, it was all gone. This had been well planned. When they noticed their poison wasn't working again, they switched mode, especially when they realised my mother would soon discover their loopholes. I blamed myself for this; I should have told her. I was so stupid to believe that she wouldn't believe a word I would say. I acted so foolish. Even if she didn’t believe, she would have taken precautions and watched out.

I tried as much as possible to hold back the tears, but it flowed with so much ease. The pain in my heart cut through my chest that I could barely catch my breathe; I cried my eyeballs out.

"I'm sorry for your loss, kid."

Wilson entered with his usual bodyguards. I was filled with rage again.

"Leave my mother's office!" I instructed.

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

He chuckled and tapped his fingers on the large table.

"Your mother is safely tucked in a mortuary now. I don't want any delays, so I would have her buried in a Christian way. That's what she had always wanted. Life goes on."

I couldn't believe my ears.

"Who are you to decide how my mother is buried?"

"I am her brother, and the manager of this company; soon to be the owner, anyway."

I got up and charged at his words.

"Over my dead body!"

He seemed to enjoy the show. He took his time to express his thoughts;

"You see kid, there is one thing you have failed to understand: You are alone now. I've taken everything away from you, including Nadia. I've taken her from you, kid. Our divorce was fake."

The bombshell exploded into my brain. My initial will to fight died immediately. My last strength of resort was taken away.

"Oh, she didn't tell you about this? Ouch! We both planned this, Daniel. She knew you were a flirt and that was why we decided to play with your emotions, just like before."

"Just like Linda?" my mind replayed the hurt of three years ago.

"Yes, yes. Just like Linda. You've lost, Daniel. Accept defeat."

Right there, I accepted defeat; not because he had won, but because Nadia was taken from me.


NADIA: I hurried back to the Academy to see Joyce packing her stuffs.

"Joyce, why didn't you wait so we would come back together?"

I didn't allow her to reply, I jumped onto another question;

"Joyce, why is your father so quiet in all these happenings? Is he so blind that he cannot see what is going on?"

Joyce chuckled.

"They have taken away his right to speak. He is blind Joyce, blinded by Eucharia. Only Mrs. Olutayo can help him regain his senses, but she is gone."

"Joyce, but Serena...”

I didn’t complete my sentence before I realised that I had assembled the wrong choice of words.

"Face it Nadia, we've lost!"

No, we haven’t! Everyone might give up on this, but I will not. Never! We can still win this.

A week later, an unexpected circumstance plunged my faith into a weaker state. A meeting was held at Kayode’s kitchen, and Wilson was crowned as the new owner of this empire, with the reason being that Daniel was not yet ready to shoulder the responsibility that comes with being president. The supposed meeting was said to have been called, but Daniel was not in attendance to defend his right and prove his capabilities.

Few hours later, I rushed to Kayode's kitchen. I had to bribe the security man so that he would allow me to go through.

My new roommate was a dummy, she barely talks, but I'm no fool. I knew she was placed there for a reason. I had to keep my calls and movement very confidential.

"Wilson, please allow me to see Daniel," I called him on phone when some other security personnels wouldn't let me enter his office.

“Kneel and beg in the presence of this crowd before I will grant such request," he said.

I couldn't believe what my ears had heard. This was a sacrifice I had to make, just to get what I wanted. I knelt down within minutes, and began to get the wrong kind of attention. Kayode's kitchen was crowded with all kinds of people; thousands flowed in and out.

"Crawl my love, crawl," Wilson continued to tease.

I shut my eyes and breathed out, not minding what the crowd might think. I began to crawl to whatever position he requested. Some people filmed what was going on, others couldn’t help than to laugh out loud.

"This is trending on Facebook," some group of girls said aloud.

In a twinkle of an eye, I was live on the internet.

"Let her pass now!” Wilson ordered.

I was allowed to proceed to the office. Before I dropped the call, I made him a promise:

“Wilson, I don't know how it’s going to happen, but I promise you on this day, I will make you do more than what you made do today. I promise you."

He laughed out so loud and was about to make another effort but I dropped the call.

"Daniel!" I called out.

He was drinking himself to stupor in a secluded area. His breath had a stench. He had not taken his bath for a long time; I could perceive that from a distance.

"Go away, Wilson's wife!"


What he said struck my heart. Wilson had done the damage already. Daniel passed out even before he could say another word.

"Help me!" I requested from one of Wilson’s bodyguards.

He didn’t act, he didn’t move an inch; he stood there looking into my face.

"Listen, if you have any human sympathy in you, and if you know Daniel has done nothing to ever hurt you or your job, you'll help me."

He swung into action immediately. I took him to the mansion behind the plaza.

"So, you are gonna bath him?" the bodyguard had to ask when he saw me pulling off Daniel’s clothes.

“Yes! Why do you ask?"

He gave me a strange look that forced me to tell lies.

"I'm his girlfriend, ok?"

That eased the tension on his face a bit, but he was still not comfortable with the idea. He allowed me anyway.

I bathed him while he was still unconscious, and I saw all I never wanted to see. I wouldn’t deny the fact that he is well built down there; but I tried not to think of it, although I knew I would continue to dream of what I saw.

I sat on the couch in his massive bedroom just to watch over him.

"Its not over, we can still win this," I muttered continuously to build my own faith, because I knew it was loosing grip. Slowly, I drifted to sleep. Hours later, I had a weird dream.

My dream was staged in a different place, a massive bedroom, although it was a little dark. I saw a woman smiling at me. A desperate mosquito decided to try its luck and suck a handful of blood from my skin, that was when I realised I was dreaming.

"How are you doing, my child?" a voice said.

My brain went bizarre. I will tell you who it was; believe it or not: It was Mrs. Olutayo, and not a ghost.

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