The lamentations of Marylin
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The lamentations of Marylin

By obi   13th Feb 2019
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I sat quietly looking at the beautiful lady through my window...

Sun beaten and still striving 

I've wondered and pondered what might have gone wrong

One filled with joy and smiles

Her story was a perfect example of greatness

The zeal she omitted could make any man a success

Yet she tilled the land with her tears and worked her ass off just to eat

Her songs are not the melodious ones I wake up to any longer, those smiles do not radiate like they should, her knees are now feeble and soured 

Still her eyes shine bright but this time with tears that can feel an ocean

Her voice makes rain pour

And still help is afar off

I feel her pains 

Still I can't move

The walls don't smile back so I'm out of breath

A lady once  loved, here she is now sweeping the floor with her sad songs, her voice still smooth, her octave are mind blowing, but once you get near, you hear the wordings of her sad tale

she's singing a song 

one of a story that has not even started...

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Cynthiaposted on 9th Apr 2019 19:37:54

Nice poem, loved it