Just a taste Ep. 37
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Just a taste Ep. 37

By abfictionstories  Posted on 17th Feb 2019

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DANIEL: I was torn in between two worlds: One of fear, another of doubt. What is this, a ghost of what?

"Quit the show and come to mummy, my boy."

Oh, it was actually my mother. It's my mother!

I hurried, and with shaky hands, I touched her. It was my mother, in flesh and blood.


"Yes, yes! Go on and give me a hug," she said.

I didn't know when laughter escaped through my mouth. I hugged her till she had to beg me to let her go.

"Nadia, you knew about this?"

I turned to Nadia who was smiling at every scene.

"I instructed her not to tell you,“ my mother interjected.

I listened to how she maneuvered and fooled the enemy. And yes, my adrenaline began to boil. I was so eager to key into this.

"Mum, what's the plan?"

I was surprised when she referred the question back to me.

"No, I should rather be asking you this question. What's the way forward? Everything is on you now; think and come up with a strategy!”

Oh! So the duty lies on my table now?

"But mum, he has all the documents of ownership. He must have had them destroyed by now."

She simply tapped me on my shoulders and said, "Do you think I would keep just a single copy of such important documents?"

My eyes lit with joy.

"So what do we do, Daniel?” she asked again. “We have all it takes to get you sitting on the throne.”

I thought for a while; even if I should take back the throne, I’m still not fit enough to occupy such a position. I needed some formal training. To sit on that throne, I must prove to everyone that I merited it.

I wasn’t going to rush this. I needed to take out time to plan very well so that my enemies would feel the pain when they eventually crawl back to the gutters. I want them to witness their glory departing from their grips, step by step. Why the rush? I really wanted to enjoy the process.

"No mum, not yet; I need to prove to Wilson that I'm better him. I need to fight for Nadia. You’ll be my secret weapon; you need to teach me everything I need to know about this business.”

I could see the joy in my mother's eyes after I had concluded my sentence. She was very proud of me.

"Wilson is holding a party next month to celebrate his temporal position as the sole owner of Kayode's kitchen. I'm gonna pay him a visit... Let's start from there!"

I stood up and paced around for a while.

"First, I’ll give my enemies sleepless nights, put them on an imbalance scale, and when I'm ready for the final blow… Puff! They’ll be washed away with the wind."


NADIA: So Daniel was this brilliant? His plan was a mastermind. To crown it all, he even topped the class when the results finally came out; I didn't know how, but he did.

Just in case you are still wondering, I couldn't forget about that kiss. I couldn't forget his hold on me; I dreamt about his kisses and touch, only to wake up kissing my pillow instead. My roommate was awake at that time, staring at me intently. I felt so embarrassed.

"Ermm, I had a nightmare," I tried to explain to her.


This was the first time she had spoken to me.

"OK. I have to go back to sleep now," I said and slowly lay back on the bed.

“See what you've caused, Daniel!" I said to myself.

The next minute, I found myself laughing.

"Stupid girl!" I rebuked myself immediately.

Daniel sneaked into Mrs. Olutayo’s place every evening. He was learning the basics of business. He was catching up fast and I even loved him more for that.

"Daniel, can we keep what happened between us secret? I am the leader of our crew, and our number one rule is to never fall for a guy,” I beckoned one evening as we strolled back from his lessons.

"Sorry, but that rule is off!"

He pecked me, and for a minute there I actually blushed, before I regained myself and pleaded even more.

"Dan please; at least, for now."

“Hmm, what did you just call me?"

I frowned and tried to figure out what I said wrong.


"Yeah! That’s how I like it – Dan. From now on, I want you to call me by that.”

The optimism I saw on his face was one I had never witnessed before.

Just when everything was getting interesting, the great Brenda surfaced again.

"Daniel, come out!"

She ordered one evening during our lesson. Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier; we were now in our final grade, and the competition was drawing nigh.

Daniel remained where he sat.

"Daniel, I said come out!" she ordered again.

I knew it took him thousands of thoughts before he finally stood up and came out as she had requested.

"I ordered you out and you hesitated? Do you wanna get expelled?"

Murmurs erupted throughout the class.

"Silence, all of you!"

I prayed so hard that Daniel keeps his cool.

"With all due respect ma'am, I am not in a secondary school where you can order me around like some child scared of a cane. I came out at your request, didn't I? Now, if you have nothing important to ask of me, I would like to take my sit now."

Brenda raged. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Daniel, see me in my office after this lesson."

He chuckled and replied;

"You mean you temporal office?"

He picked his hand book and bounced out.


DANIEL: "Mum, write these words in your handwriting and sign. I wanna make Brenda look insane."

Days later, I was able to slit the letter into her file with the help of a well paid cleaner. I fixed a hidden camera in her office too, just to watch her reaction.

Within the contents of the letter was this strong message:



She flung the letter aside and sprang to her feet. She locked all the windows and doors before she picked up the letter with trembling hands to read again. This time she fled out. I knew she was going straight to meet either Wilson or her mother.

NADIA: Wilson's party was a compulsory task for me. Daniel had requested I honor his invitation and grace the party. I saw reasons with him and did as he requested.

"Hello pretty!"

Wilson approached me with a smile, dressed in a tuxedo and his usual dark shades.

“What do you think? Do I look great in my glory and wealth?"

I laughed within myself; he had no idea what was in store for him.

“I have it all girl, everything, including you. See, I won!"

I simply smiled at him.

"Yes Wilson! You've won. I'm sorry for doubting you to begin with."

His pride rose with the music; my words sprung his confidence.

"Wanna dance?"


I gave Daniel a signal. I noticed him adjust his ash single Brest suit. He adorned a good wrist watch and an Italian dark sparkling shoes with a dark shade to match his outfit. I couldn’t help but giggle as he created attention when he came through to the dance floor.

Everyone gave way. Cameras turned to him. Everyone with a smartphone began to film him. Wilson couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the crowd was centered on one man.

"Daniel, how did you get pass the security?"

He clenched with rage burning inside him.

"Yes! Yes! Pretty boy. It's me. I'm not dead; in fact, I am more cute and handsome. Don't you think?" Daniel teased.

The crowd murmured.

"Get out of here!" He said to Daniel whiles trying to keep his calm.

"Get out of where?” Daniel asked. “My property nah..."

"It's my property, not yours!"

Wilson began to loose his grip.

"Easy, easy. Don't yell at me. They are filming you, bro. It's gonna go live. Nadia come close," Daniel said.

Wilson immediately held me back.

"She is mine, remember? Mine forever! Just like Kayode's kitchen, she’s all mine!"

Daniel remained so calm. He was enjoying himself, and oh, I must admit that I was so proud of him at that instant. I couldn't just help but love this man.

"Oh really? Nadia, please come to me," Daniel said again.

Well, oga Wilson no vex. The love of my life is calling oh,” Nadia responded.

I released my hands from his grip and hurried to Daniel.

It wasn't what we planned. I didn't know he had something else up his sleeves. He ran his hands through my hair and brought my lips closer to his. Magnificently, he kissed me in front of the whole crowd. They yelled in applause and filmed in great numbers.

Wilson was burning, burning to catch flames.

“You bastard…!"

He charged at Daniel, but he came prepared. Hefty bouncers held him still, and all he could do was call his security men.

"Remember this bro, just like Nadia, I will take back everything you stole. One by one."

Daniel dropped his words. And I knew it would be Wilson's greatest nightmare.

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