Just a taste Ep. 38
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Just a taste Ep. 38

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DANIEL: Wilson doubled his security details. Brenda on the other hand was going insane. Nobody believed her; because the moment she ran out of the office, I had the letter removed.

Wilson still had a hold of Nadia. They were still married, and that single fact was a pain in my ass. Nadia had served him a divorce letter, but he had refused to sign it. I knew it would come to that.

I think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

NADIA: Things were unfolding gradually. First, Serena's twin sister got discharged hale and hearty, as if she had never been sick in the first place.

"It's a miracle!"

The doctor spoke to the media like he was equally surprised. I couldn't help but wonder how strange human beings can be. He was actually their family doctor so I figured out why it wasn't an issue for him to go along with the plan.

Wilson and Brenda didn't visit when she was discharged. Of course I knew they must be thinking of how their plan went wrong. Or maybe, they would be questioning God like;

"God, of all the sick people on this earth, why choose her?"


I began to prepare myself for the competition. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one. I just prayed so earnestly that powers would change hands before the d-day, else I will stand no chance against Brenda.

About Brenda, it was rumored that she was going insane. She claimed that she saw Mrs. Olutayo, and has even been receiving letters from her. But there was no proof of what she said; even the so-called letters she claimed to have received were nowhere to be found. I smiled to myself when I eventually heard this.

Daniel, this was his handiwork. But only Joyce, those old women and I knew what was going on.


DANIEL: I was heading for the climax. I was ready to detonate the bomb now. I was fully ready, ready to face them all. On the planned day, I took my mother's SUV from the compound and drove to Kayode's kitchen, adorned in my suit and dark shades. Now, I understood why Wilson likes dark shades; it gave me that feeling of power and supremacy. I felt like a fulfilled man.

I got pass the gate; the windscreen of the car was dark so they couldn't see through. Few seconds after I had arrived, some security men ran after me, calling me on top of their voices.

"Hey you, wait there! You wait!"

The first man was quick to get to me. I remembered him. I had seen him down-casted before. That was before I enrolled into the academy. He explained to me that his daughter was scheduled for surgery; he was in dire need of cash. I took him to an ATM stand and withdrew a hundred thousand Naira to support him. This was the same man who addressed me like I was some sort of a thug.

"My friend, would you drive this thing out. Oga said you are not permitted here."

He spoke to my face; bits of his saliva tainted my shades.

I removed the shade and used my handkerchief to wipe it clean.

"Mohammed, you have the guts to speak to me like this?”

The rest of the security men were rather scared. They stood metres away. It seemed he had bragged to them that he can address me the way he wants.

“Mohammed, so you've forgotten what I did for you already, so soon?"

"Abeg forget that thing. I say comot here or else..."

Gosh! I’d had enough of his stupidity. I couldn't bare it anymore.

"You are fired! Get your things and leave the premises immediately."

He burst into laughter; but his laughter went sour when my mother stepped out of the car.

“Mohammed, he said you are fired. Move now!"



He fell, rose and fell again. The rest of the security men ran with their legs on top of their heads.

I knew Wilson would be in a meeting with the board of directors. It was Friday, and that’s usually the day designated for board meetings. Thank God my mother's face was well covered with the scarf she used. I took her through the back of the building which had less security. The same exclamation and fear ran through all of them till I got to the board meeting.

After dealing with the security, I bounced in.

"Wilson, get off that chair!"

He stood up in shock.

"How did you get here? Get out you bastard!”

My mother gently walked in and let down her scarf.

"Wilson, get off my chair!"

Right there and there, Wilson fainted.

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