Just a taste Ep. 40
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Just a taste Ep. 40

By Abfictionstories   21st Feb 2019
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DANIEL: News traveled far and wide. I finally became the king I had always wanted to be. I got my kingdom back, but my mother kept everything in wait for me till I graduated from the academy.

"You must follow due process," she insisted.


Fortunately, we got to the president before they successfully snuck out their intended plans.

"Veronica??" The president said in total shock.

One sight at him, I knew he wasn't going to survive the night. The poison had eaten him up. He was a dead man walking.

"Please come!"

His voice was weak and shaky. My God, the wickedness of man – they had completely finished him. I could see his bones fitted to his flesh.

My mother didn’t say a word, she simply listened.

"Please take out that box underneath this bed."

She did and he gave her the password to open it.

"I never gave my own daughter the love of a father, and it's a pain in my heart, one that I would take with me to my grave. Please that is my will. In it, I've given all my properties to her. Give it to Joyce. Please I entrust this will to your care."

My mother nodded and tucked the will into her suit jacket.

"And Veronica, if it's possible, let her take my position as president."

She smiled and nodded as well. When she got to the door, she made a statement that I simply agreed with;

"Sleep well Joshua, till we meet again."


NADIA: The president was reported dead the next day. I wasn't surprised; I knew it would end up like this.

The competition was postponed to three days later. I was a bit glad. Brenda was back to square one: A student, not even a supervisor; a student, alongside her mother. She didn't attend classes. Of course she won't, she couldn't bare the shame.

Hold on there! What about Wilson, you might want to ask. I haven’t forgotten about him either; he has to pay for all he has done. I pleaded with Daniel on this, and my wish was granted.

"Crawl Wilson, crawl...” I ordered, when he was brought out to the main hall.

"Are you mad? Are you…?"

A security man close by landed a slap on his face. He had been beaten, and his clothes somehow shattered.

I held back my conscience and remorse.

"Crawl Wilson, crawl...”

When he didn't oblige, I signaled the security to bring him down to his knees.

Shortly after that, he crawled, just like I did. Trust Nigerians; within minutes, he was all over the Internet. I felt satisfaction reaching me through my veins.

"I have fulfilled my promise to you, Wilson. And I'll watch you crawl back to the streets. Oh, and jail... You bastard!"


DANIEL: Don't blame me; I had to give my baby what she desired. I still didn't forget about the fact that she was still married to Wilson; that was what really troubled me. How do I get Wilson to sign the divorce papers?

That aside, it was time to read the president's will. We went late and I could see the shock on both Brenda and Eucharia’s face when my mother and I walked in. It was a large family, and whispers arose.

The lawyer cleared his throat and brought out a will from his briefcase. In all the rubbish he said, just one fact remained clear:

"It’s Mr. Joshua's wish that all his shares and properties be divided and shared among you all. Brenda and Eucharia will have 80 percent of it; the remaining 20 percent will be given to his extended family.”

I had no option than to laugh. Mr. Joshua's parent’s died a long time ago, and he was the only child. Now, all his extended family members who knew nothing about how he suffered to gain his wealth are now eligible to eat where they haven’t sown.

It appeared that they were not yet satisfied with the share. How can Brenda and Eucharia get the largest share? Brenda stood up and said;

"My father has spoken. His will has spoken on his behalf.”

She looked at our direction and gave a smile of mockery and victory. I simply watched her fool herself.

I knew why my mother didn't utter a word; she was simply enjoying the show. She had a lawyer and a police waiting outside to pick the fraudsters.

“None of you have the right to question his will, not even the great Mrs. Olutayo.”

Brenda's words sounded like an alarm to my ears.

My mother stood up from where she sat and brought out the will she had safely tucked in her suit pocket. It had the seal, thumbprint and original signature of Mr. Joshua.

"Before I read the original will, I would request Joyce to be present in this meeting."

Brenda and her co-hawks began to shake; they shook in absolute fear. I could clearly tell that Brenda greatly regretted for using such language against my mother.

Within minutes, Joyce appeared from no where; she was offered a seat and the will was read.

The policemen and a lawyer marched in.

"Your sentence will be reduced if you point out the person who paid you to do this," My mother's lawyer, Bode, persuaded the fake lawyer. He didn't hesitate to point out Eucharia.

"Oh, seems you got lucky."

I whispered into Brenda's ear and followed my mother as she took Joyce out. We had to leave all those family members there to digest the heartbreak.

NADIA: Three days felt like 24 hours. Brenda would also participate in the competition, and I knew she was capable of doing anything dangerous just to get the award. She needed the fame and the money, now that she had no share in the wealth that was left behind by her father. Joyce was now the sole owner of every wealth that was left behind by her late father. She had no alternative than to win this, else she would have to crawl back to the streets.


There I stood, all dressed in my apron, standing at the competition ground. This is where the final battle goes down.

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