Just a taste Ep. 43
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Just a taste Ep. 43

By abfictionstories   26th Feb 2019
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NADIA: It felt like thunder striking through my chest. Of all the time in the world, why now? Now that I had a chance to celebrate! I was told that Wilson had escaped, but I never imagined he was heading straight to my room. How did he manage to get pass security?

"Come in and lock the door… Slowly!" he said.

I had to obey, a gun was pointed at me.

"Wilson, what's this!? It's all over… What else do you want?"

He kept quiet and instructed me to sit.

I did, but I was very alert, ready to jump or scream if anything should happen.


I was not sure if I fully knew this man I married, but at that moment, I knew he spoke with a pierced heart.

"Nadia, I loved you!"

He lowered the gun, but raised it back to my face when I tried to make a phone call.

"Give me the phone!"

He stretched his hands and seized my only means of communication.

"Wilson, Daniel will come looking for me any moment from now!"

I threatened.

"Of what use will you be to him if you are dead?" he asked.

My heart sank. Fear gripped me.

"Wilson, please..."

"Nadia, did you ever love me?"

Was that even a question he was supposed to ask? I remained quiet.

"Answer me!"

"Wilson, are you mad!?"

I suddenly got bold.

"I gave you everything! My body, my money, my heart… You think all the sex I had with you was for fun? I did it because I loved you… You bastard! I was true to you, gave you everything you asked for, even over my own happiness, but what did you do in return? You shove it back to my face! You broke me, Wilson… You hurt me. Even when I still had hope that we could still have a chance, you never failed to remind me of how cheap I was. I gave you my body, because I loved you. I gave..."

He couldn't take it anymore.

"Nadia, Nadia..."

He dropped the gun and I was quick to snatch it. He didn't make a move; he had his head bowed.

"Get the divorce paper; I know you have it here," he said.

Glory be to God. I quickly ran through my stuffs and brought it out with a pen, still pointing the gun at him.

He signed it! He signed it! I tried to suppress the thrill I felt in my bones.

"Nadia, believe it or not, I love you. If this is what would make you happy... If Daniel would give you the happiness I never offered, then go to him."

His words touched me. I lowered the gun and stared at him. I felt pity for him.

He handed my phone over to me.

"Call Daniel, my time is up."


A tear fell from his eyes; the gun fell from my hands. I was moved. I felt like hugging him but I couldn't.

"Nadia, call Daniel!"

I didn't want him to change his mind so I quickly called the love of my life.

"Daniel, it’s Wilson."

Daniel didn't even wait to hear the remaining part of the story, he ended the call. Within minutes, he barged into the room and grabbed Wilson by his neck.

Wilson didn't retaliate, but Daniel was not ready to take chances. He called up the security; within an hour, Wilson was behind bars, in the police cell.

As for Brenda, we found her dead in the president's office. She had taken an overdose of the poison they used to murder the president.

Mrs. Olutayo took charge of her children in Germany. She chose to keep both their parent’s plight away from them until they were old enough to get the full gist.

It was time to unblock my family so they could reach me on my line again. I planned of traveling home to see them again after my graduation anyway.

"Daniel, when we get to my house, please don't kiss me in front of everyone…. My mum is the religious type.”

I warned him on our way back to Benin City.


Mrs. Olutayo and some other family members followed us. I guess you know what they were up to; Me, I don't know oh.

"Daniel, this one that your entire family is coming with me, I hope I am safe. What's going on?"

He simply smiled, but I was not satisfied.

"Wait till we get there," he said.

It cannot be an introduction when he has not even proposed to me yet.

My heart began to throb fast when we got to our massive compound.

"Damn it girl, you are rich!"

Daniel commented when they entered the compound where my father's duplex stood.

Oh, so he doesn't know?

"All along you thought I was one poor girl? Nawa oh.”

Joyce wouldn't let me breath; did I forget to tell you guys? She and the crew followed me too.

My dad was seated in the sitting room, watching his usual football matches. He was so glued to the television screen until Daniel screamed in unison with him, 'Goooaaaallll'.

They had both celebrated together for over a minute before he frowned and asked;

“Who are you?"

He turned to me.


My mum dashed out from the kitchen;


The full family suddenly got her flashy powers. They all appeared, with the same question.


"It’s me, mum."

She ran to me and slapped me first, before she drew me into her arms and hugged me tight.

"Daniel!? Daniel Olutayo?"

My mum’s eyes went wide. So she knows Daniel?

"Mum, how did you…?"

"Shut up! He is all over the news."

Oh, of course he is.

Mrs. Olutayo entered; her presence caused confusion in the house.

My mum began to stammer. My dad had to greet over and over again, asking what she would like to eat or drink. My dad has never done that to any visitor I had brought home in the past.


DANIEL: It was time to let the cat out of the bag.

"Mummy, I have come to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage."

I knelt before her. She somehow felt embarrassed.

"No, no, no… My son, don’t do that. I loved you right from the moment I set my eyes on you, not that devilish Wilson. She is all yours, just treat her nicely."

I got up and knelt before Nadia. I brought out the diamond ring I had bought.

"Nadia, I have taken permission from your parents; you know I always like to kill two birds with one stone. Please marry me. I don't know if I can live this life without you."

NADIA: I was shocked. Although I expected this to happen any time soon, I was still shocked. Not only did he propose, he also did the introduction at the same time. What kind of man is this?

"Daniel, I won't marry you!"

I shocked the entire crowd in my father's parlor. Murmurs aroused and Daniel remained on his knees with a weird smile.

"Baby, you and I know that you just lied."

He got me there; I burst out laughing immediately.

"Yes fish! I'll marry you joor!"

They all burst out laughing.

My mother drew me close to herself and said, "My friend, your joke wasn't funny at all..."

And then she screamed;

"Won't you kiss him at least?"

Daniel gave me a strange look. This my mother eh... After I had painted her to be the religious mother that cannot stand to see Daniel kiss me... She just fall my kidney.

"My friend kiss him, you are not even romantic," she added.


I got up and kissed him as requested, till my mother had to clear her throat and come in between us.

"OK. That’s enough, respect the elders!" She said and got everyone laughing; even Mrs. Olutayo had to remove her shades to laugh well.

They rolled in the drinks and food stuffs they had brought along; I didn't even know about this to begin with.

"Emm…. Mum, let me help you out in the kitchen."

My mum stared at me in a strange way.

"Nadia, we both know that the kitchen is not your field."

Daniel laughed for a while and whispered;

"Do you remember when you tried to boil a fruit salad?"

I pinched him on the arm.

"Mummy, let her handle the kitchen, trust me on this one."

Because it was Daniel, she reluctantly gave in, but never failed to spy on me every second.

When I was done, I served my father first. He took his time to pray very well; he didn't want to be hospitalized. He ate the first spoon of the fried rice I had prepared, and his eyes went wide.

"Honey, what is it?"

My mother rushed to him.

He extended a spoon of rice to my mother and beckoned with the title of my story;

"Oh honey, just have a taste!"

And so my dear readers, we had a taste of everything life could offer:

A taste of hate…

A taste of revenge...

A taste of fun...

And most importantly...

A taste of love.


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Kofiposted on 21st Jun 2019 07:38:58

@Apoki... That's very true

Apoki marvellousposted on 21st Jun 2019 06:37:52

In life all hope are not lost, nadia has the determination because sometin push her to go for food traing which was was wilson, so never loose hope when u know d world has not come to an end.

Davidposted on 10th Mar 2019 00:22:54

So intriguing... Thumb's up here.