Dying slowly
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Dying slowly

By solitaryPoet   2nd Mar 2019
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Standing on this edge of sword
Watching life ebb away
Dying slowly from this wound
That has become a tattoo in my heart
No one will hear me call
No one will see me fall
Until the body hits the ground
Because everyone is too busy with life
Finding happiness in tears
Invoking comedy from tragedy.
There is not much to say
To get the attention of the laities
So I will just stand still here
And let the blade cut deeper
Till this wound become steeper
And all the blood drained
While I die slowly…

Don’t cry for me
Don’t blame my choices
Life gave us all a chance to choose
And my choice is to stand here
Waiting for the sword to become blunt
Hoping somehow that this tears will be cut short
When there is no more heartbeat
When I can no more feel the sun’s heat

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Kwameposted on 2nd Mar 2019 10:33:29

Simple and nice... couldn't have communicated this message any better. Thumbs up